Top 10 Best Amino Acid Supplements

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The best amino acid supplements: what are they? Amino acids are the makers of protein and are highly-functional carboxylic acids. Proteins are responsible for shaping tissues and organs in your biological system, making both supplements to better health. There are nine essential amino acids and 12 non-essential amino acids in total. The latter can be found in certain food groups like animal protein, while essential amino acids are chemicals that the body can produce by itself.

Amino acids are responsible for functions like boosting your energy and building your muscles. To gain plenty of amino acid amounts in your system, supplements become one of the primary sources for daily intake. As such, amino acids are compounds that many bodybuilders and athletes take to gain faster recovery, sustain muscle buildup, and build a better shape. For the most part, the human body already carries a significant amount of amino acids in its system according to the food one consumes. However, people who are involved in sports or workout more occasionally may need stronger amino acid pick-me-ups to prevent muscle waste, minimize fatigue, or diminish soreness after each workout. Studies suggest that seniors who take amino acids like leucine will benefit more from it than the youth and middle-aged. Learn about the top 10 best amino acid supplements to take in the article. Read on.

The Best Amino Acid Supplements: Revealing the Top Ten

1. Evlution Nutrition BCAA5000

We like that Evlution BCAA5000 has zero additives. It’s affordable at a 2:1:1 ratio for essential amino acids and at 5 grams of BCAA each serving, which is just the energy boost you need. In capsule form, this product is ideal for individuals who don’t want to drink enhanced water mixtures. You need a few servings daily. One serving = 8 capsules.

2. MusclePharm BCAA

Low-cost compared to competitors, MusclePharm powder offers 6-gram BCAAs each serving. It has higher amounts of leucine at 6 grams than the other two BCAAs. There are three flavors to pick from.

3. NOW Sports Complete Amino Acid

In capsule form, NOW Sports packs 3 grams of protein in each serving, 3 grams of an amino acid mixture, and 13 extra grams of vitamin B6. This is a good purchase if you’re planning to boost some energy in the day but not particularly one for rough training. It helps with endurance.

4. Zhou Muscle BCAA

With a good ratio of 2:1:1 BCAA, these easy to swallow capsules by Zhou Muscle is beneficial for athletes needing higher-level performance pick-me-up. It’s been reviewed to aid in muscle fatigue. They are a convenient and affordable pick.

5. Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy

With really good value, Optimum Nutrition already provides 5 grams of a wide range of amino acids + green tea extract and dark coffee. This guarantees a delicious drink and highly-fueled too. Proven to increase vitality levels, each serving is 5 grams of amino acids that carry cancer-preventing agents. Note: do not drink before bedtime because the caffeine content per serving is 100 grams.

6. Optimum Instantized BCAA

One of the best amino acid supplements, these easy-swallow capsules contain a strong amino acid ratio of 2:1:1. It offers an adequate 1 gram of BCAAs per serving and keeps them at the standard 2:1:1 proportion of amino acids leucine, valine, and isoleucine. There are 400 servings in each container of Optimum Instantized, which is a good amount for its more affordable price. Simply put, these capsules are an excellent choice for workouts to manage your BCAA intake in a moderate range.

7. RSP AminoLean

RSP’s Amino Lean comes with 5 milligrams amino acids blend + green tea extract. No GMOs or sugars, it also offers nine flavor varieties and 125 mg of caffeine. With leucine, valine, and isoleucine, it’s a potent supplement ideal for high-energy workouts, especially that it comes with heavier caffeine amounts than other products.

8. Cellucor Alpha Amino

Cellucor’s Alpha Amino contains 11 essential amino acids your body is going to be happy about. Zero carbs and 0 sugar, it also is packed with electrolytes and 3.75 grams of EAAs + moderate amounts (5 grams) of betaine. The ratio BCAA is at a standard 2:1:1. You’ll find a great improvement in your endurance as well as recovery, especially if you’re serious at the gym or an athlete. Moreover, there are six good-tasting flavors to select from.

9. MuscleTech’s Amino Build Next Generation Energized

Coupled with B vitamins, 2.5 grams of Betaine (endurance), this 8-gram BCAA per serving by MuscleTech is for the serious gym buffs. Leaping your performance to another league makes a primary choice for those that need extra muscle endurance in tough sessions of training.

At 30 servings in each container, the ratio for BCAA is 2:1:1 proportion. It’s worth the price and truly effective for the athlete or bodybuilder. There is no denying how well the B vitamins and betaine pick-me-up helps based on studies and user reviews for Next Gen by MuscleTech. Next-Gen Amino Build also helps during recovery. Lastly, a good thing about this product is that it comes in 8 types of flavor. You’ll find that it is quite sweet to the tastebuds when consumed. Best to add more water (10 – 12 mL) with your fruit and NextGen Mixture by MuscleTech.

10. BSN Amino X

At the top of our list, BSN Amino X ranks the highest. This is the best amino acid supplements from the list because of all the components it provides. It packs copious servings of 10 grams of amino acids with every serving, carries 13 good-tasting flavor options, has zero caffeine, and is very smooth to blend. Very affordable, BSN Amino X is a go-to product for many sports buffs and athletes, taking your performance to a whole other level. The BCAA amount is plenty compared to most brands at 2:1:1. It’s value-packed in short, and ultimately effective.

So what are some of the best amino acid supplements: Now you know.

Top 10 Best Amino Acid Supplements

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