Amino Acid Pills Side Effects and Relief

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Pills are no longer a big deal for people. For different reasons, people opt for pills. There are pills for weight loss, there are pills for treating certain health conditions and many more. And one of the pills available is amino acid pills. Yeah, there are pills that people take to supplement the amino acid being produced in their bodies. And that’s for obvious reasons so that they can get the benefits that come with amino acids. Well, one thing people fail to remember is that there’s a line when it comes to taking pills. And when it’s crossed there are side effects that follow. That’s why we’ll be looking at some of the amino acid side effects today.

Well, many benefits come with using amino acid. One of the most popular happens to be for building muscle. And also for recovery of the muscle. Well, there are many other benefits that people know about but one that people aren’t aware of is a relief. Certain amino acid pills can offer you relief from pain. It might sound a bit confusing now, but as you read on you would have a better understanding as to how it works. You sure don’t want to miss out on this so keep reading.

What are amino acids?

What Are Amino Acids?

Well, it’s possible that you might have common across amino acids on different occasions. But do you really know what they are? Amino acids are the building blocks of proteins. This means that the coming together of amino acids would give you protein. And the breaking down of protein would give you amino acids.

There are actually many amino acids on planet earth. But there are just 20 that are used in the body. Well, these 20 are divided into two groups. For some, they would say three but let’s just stick to two groups. The first group are the ones the body can produce; they are the non-essential amino acids. The second group are the ones that can’t be produced by the body, they are the essential amino acids.

Many supplements out there are essential amino acids. Well, this does not mean that non-essential amino acids are not in supplement form. It’s just that it’s not as common as the essential amino acids.

Now, on to supplements. There are two common forms of supplements. It’s either the powder form or the pill form. The powder form happens to be very common. Many people find the powder form nice and easy to consume because of the nice taste. But some also find the pill form very easy to swallow and less of a hassle. Whichever one you decide to opt for, you can be sure that you would still get the desired nutrients.

Amino Acid Relief From Pain

So in managing pain, it’s important that the analgesic system of the body is in action. There are actually three modulators of pain. And they are GABA, serotonin, and endorphins. These pain fighters are actually all products of amino acids. This means that when there’s enough amino acid pain relief becomes better. And if on the other hand there is not enough amino acid pain relief would be hard.

Amino acids are usually gotten from foods that are high in protein. Also, people opt for supplements that can help boost the level of amino acids in the body. Supplement forms are actually known to be quick-acting.

According to research, the increased intake of amino acids has provided relief for many people in pain. At the same time, the precursor amino acids needed for making the neurotransmitters are known to help increase the potency of pain medications. And with that, the amount of opiates needed is a lot less.

Endorphins and ACTH are actually amino acids. It’s just that they are very long chains. They are both produced side by side in the pituitary gland. So when there is a pain in any part of the body these two are released to the site to help relieve the pain.

The thing though is that there are people that the production of endorphins is really low in the body. And because of that, they experience so much pain. And one way to deal with that is to increase the consumption of amino acids. About 20 amino acids are needed for the production of endorphin and ACTH. So increased amino acid in the body means increased ACTH and endorphins.

So to put it in simple terms, the pain system of your body is fueled by different amino acids in the body. If the amount of amino acids in the body isn’t enough there would be a problem with pain relief.

Make sure you consult a doctor when you want to start taking amino acid pills. Your doctor would be able to guide you as to the best amino acid pill to opt for to help relieve pain. And they would also be able to guide you as to the right dosage of the pills. With this overdosing wouldn’t happen.

Amino Acid Pills Side Effects

For some category of people, extra caution is needed when taking amino acid pills. Children and pregnant women should be very careful about taking pills. Well, there’s no doubt that these pills have really good benefits but it can also have side effects. That’s why for children and pregnant women they should always seek the consent of their doctor. If your doctor tells you it’s okay for you to use it then no problem. If not, then make sure you don’t take it against your doctor’s advice.

Also, if you take a lot of alcohol it would be a bad idea to opt for amino acid pills. And that’s because studies show that taking these pills would increase the risk of a person having brain damage and liver damage. That, of course, is only for alcoholics.

If you’re going to undergo surgery anytime soon you might want to stop taking the pills. That’s because amino acid has been found to have effects on blood sugar levels. And this can interfere with the operation. So make sure you stop taking the pills like 2 weeks before the operation.

Well, when it comes to amino acid pills overdosing isn’t as likely. It could happen only if way too much is consumed. And that’s because they are actually needed in high amounts in the body. The important thing is to use with caution to avoid amino acid pills side effects.

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