Top 7 Amino Acids For Better Sleep

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Are you having problems getting enough shut-eye at night?  About 20% of the world suffers from sleep deprivation. There are various reasons for this situation. Sometimes people toss and turn because they’re worried about paying their mortgage/rent. Other times people drink too much soda or coffee before bedtime. The good news is you can take various dietary supplements to help you fall asleep faster. The best sleep amino acids include glycine, which seems to be effective in helping people catch more Z’s at night. If you’re looking for an effective amino that works better than counting sheep then this might be the one to consider.

Why can’t we fall asleep at night? The main reason is we’re unable to relax at night for whatever reason. Sometimes it’s a physical cause like pain. Other times we’re worried about some situation or problem in our lives. In other cases, the causes are physical and mental. Whatever the reason is, it’s important to calm down so you can fall asleep faster. Even after you achieve that goal, you’ll want to get into a state of a deep sleep, which helps to improve the quality of your shut-eye. Recharging your body/brain helps to prepare for the next day’s challenges.

What in the World Is Glycine?

When we think of amino acids, we tend to focus on their benefits in terms of muscle mass, exercise recovery, and so on. However, they can also provide other benefits related to our waking and sleeping hours.

One of the most important functions of proteins and aminos is their function in helping the neurotransmitters work better. These help the brain to send and receive chemical signals. For example, when you’re trying to sleep at night, you’ll want your body to get the “message” that it’s time to relax.

This is easier said than done in some situations. For example, if you had a can of Red Bull or a cup of black coffee just before bedtime, you’ll probably have a tough time dozing off. On the other hand, if you’re really sleepy and are able to relax then you’ll probably fall asleep within 15 minutes or so.

There are different aminos that might help with this process of relaxing at night. However, one of the main ones you should consider is glycine. Like other amino acids, this one is used for building proteins the body needs.

Some research shows that glycine might help to improve sleep quality. Here’s why. It can help your brain to calm down. The amino might also help you to sleep better by decreasing body temperature. These are both factors that can help you get to sleep faster.

Based on studies if you take 3g of the amino acid before bedtime it can help you fall asleep faster. It can also improve the quality of sleep you get. There’s more! Glycine can also help to lower daytime sleepiness.

As a result, you’ll be more likely to be alert during the daytime. This can help in various areas of your life including work, school, workouts, and so on.

Top Sleep Amino Acids

1. Glycine Powder by BulkSupplements

This product doesn’t include additives, yeast, sugar, soy, or dairy. It also stays fresh with a pouch that’s factory-sealed. The product is an antioxidant that might help you to fall asleep. This happens by calming your mind.

2. Source Naturals Glycine

Here’s another product you could consider. You get a full 1g per serving of the amino acid. There are also other ingredients like magnesium. There’s no wheat, gluten, corn, egg, and soy. These are ingredients that often trigger allergic reactions.

3. Glycine by Thorne Research

This product provides a full gram of amino per serving. You also get other ingredients like silicon dioxide. This is a natural product that doesn’t contain ingredients that might cause allergies. They include soy, yeast, and artificial sweeteners/flavors.

4. NOW Supplements, Glycine

This product provides 3000mg of glycine for each serving. It also includes other ingredients that might help you to fall asleep faster. It’s also free of many allergy-causing ingredients like milk, soy, gluten, eggs, and shellfish. It’s also a vegan product and doesn’t contain genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

5. Glycine by Solgar

Here’s another amino supplement for getting more sleep. You get 500mg of the amino acid glycine in each serving. It’s a vegetarian/vegan product. This product can help to provide several benefits. They include a body detox and better quality sleep.

6. Life Extension Glycine

This product offers 1000mg of glycine in each serving. There are also other ingredients that could help you fall asleep. It’s important to follow the product’s dose. As always talk to your doctor before you take this supplement.

7. Pure Encapsulations Glycine

This product provides 500mg of the amino acid. There are various other ingredients that are anti-allergy and vegetarian. This product is vegan so there’s no dairy, eggs, or shellfish. It also doesn’t contain soy, peanuts, and trans fat.

Top 7 Amino Acids For Sleep

Top Tips to Fall Asleep Faster

  1. Think happy thoughts. If you think about stuff that stresses you out it will be tougher to fall asleep at night. A better option is to focus on happy thoughts. This will help to calm your nerves. Try to think about the good times in the past or things that put a smile on your face. This will help you to calm down even if you’re going through some tough times.
  2. Do some reading. Make sure to keep it light. It could be a short story, website article, or e-book. Try not to read anything too “heavy” or it could actually cause you to think too think deep thoughts and have problems falling asleep. As we know from experience reading can make your eyes tired, which can help you doze off faster. Try it!
  3. Tweak your sleep position. Sometimes this is all you need to do in order to get some shut-eye. This doesn’t have to be a major change. However, if you usually sleep on your back try sleeping on your stomach. If you usually favor one side try the other one. You could even try adding another pillow. All of these tweaks might help to doze off.
  4. Don’t force yourself to sleep. It might not seem to make sense but studies show you can sleep better if you don’t force yourself to fall asleep. There’s actually a fancy term for it. If you try to stay awake this can actually help you to doze off. It doesn’t mean you should drink some Mountain Dew at bedtime. However, if you’re having trouble catching Z’s try to stay awake in order to fall asleep.
  5. Try sleep supplements. It’s a good idea to go with natural ones like amino acids. That’s because they won’t have the strong chemicals found in prescription meds so you can get better results from sleep amino acids.
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