Amino Suppressant: Uses, Benefits And Side Effects

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Suppressants are agents that can reduce or suppress the intensity of a thing rather than eliminate it. These agents are mostly drugs. Amongst these agents are amino suppressants which are used to suppress hunger. It should interest you to know that food craving does not start from your stomach, rather it starts from the brain.  One type is an amino suppressant. Learn more about it in this article.

All of our body processes and activities originate from the brain. You see, our brain is made up of different sections and each of these has a particular function of the body that it deals with. The hypothalamus is the brain’s section that is responsible for controlling appetite. It makes us aware of hunger. The hypothalamus works together with an intestinal hormone, pancreas, and fat tissues. They send signals and it is upon receiving the signals that the hypothalamus begins to control and regulate hunger. Some factors are responsible for hunger, they influence it. Such factors include:

  • Increase in insulin and blood sugar level
  • Increase in food palatability
  • Stress
  • Increase in the hormones of the gut
  • Increase in the hormone of leptin-hunger
  • Conditioned responses

The organic compound, amino acid, which is a major building block in the body have different functions. And amongst its function is releasing hunger signals and suppressing of appetites.

Appetite Suppressants, What Are They?

It was mentioned earlier that suppressants are those agents that suppress a thing. In this same light, appetite suppressant is agents that reduce or suppresses your appetite. They do this in either of these three ways;

  • Blocks the section of your brain that gives you food cravings to reduce your intake.
  • Triggers the section of your brain that gives the feeling of satisfaction.
  • Slows down the emptying of your gastric to give you the feeling of being full for an extended period without having to eat much.

Amino Suppressants

Certain amino acids act as appetite suppressants. We have listed a list of these amino acids along with their uses, benefits, and side effects. Although most of them have similar benefits they still have their unique and one cannot substitute for another.


This amino acid is the most common and potent amino suppressant. It suppresses appetite by controlling cholecystokinin release. Cholecystokinin is a hormone of the intestines that send signals to the brain which results in the feeling of satiation after eating.

From the moment when food gets into the stomach, Cholecystokinin is released. It causes the digestion process to go on a slower pace and then sends a message to your brain, informing it that you do not need any more food as you are already full. This will result in a natural decrease in your appetite.

The main benefit of this amino acid is that it helps in weight loss by curbing hunger and cravings. It also treats vitiligo, severe pain, Parkinson’s disease, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, depression, and pain in the lower region of the back. However, if taken too much it can result in some side effects such as elevated blood pressure, irritability, and insomnia.


Tyrosine functions as an appetite suppressant but on a mild level. This is because it triggers cholecystokinin production. This amino acid also triggers the production of certain hormones that play a role in hastening metabolism and fat burning. Not only does it trigger the production but it also releases it. A lack of tyrosine can result in emotional overeating and depression.

The benefit of this amino suppressant is that it helps in weight loss by burning up your calories, it is also an antioxidant that assists in phenylalanine production. The thyroid, pituitary, and adrenal gland all need tyrosine to function properly. It is also beneficial for human growth.


This amino acid is needed for the production of serotonin. Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that has a part to play in overeating, anxiety, and depression. Some experts believe food cravings can be seen as self-medication. People use these ‘’comfort foods’’ as an antidepressant drug.

According to researchers, tryptophan functions as an appetite suppressant both indirectly and directly. Directly by elevating the level of your serotonin. Serotonin, in turn, sends a signal to your hypothalamus initiating the sense of being full, decreasing your appetite. Tryptophan functions indirectly like phenylalanine, it sends a signal to the intestines to release cholecystokinin to the blood, making you feel full.

The main benefit of this amino suppressant is weight loss, especially in lean people. Those with obesity will most likely have to take a higher dose of it to lose weight.


initiates the synthesis of protein that is responsible for consuming calories. This amino acid also aids in maintaining the mass of muscle and gives you a sense of being full. The effects of this amino acid on weight loss are very powerful. A study carried out in 2006 revealed that when this amino suppressant is taken together with diet, it would result in a 22.4 percent reduction of fat.

What You Should Know

Your body produces some of these amino acids but there is still some amino acid that can only be gotten from different food sources. Some of the food sources include; soy, egg, black, beans, meat, fish, seeds, nuts, cottage cheese dairy, tuna, whey proteins, lentils, brown rice, almonds, legumes, figs, cacao, whole grain rice, brazil nuts, seaweed, leafy vegetables, olives, avocado, spirulina, raisins, chickpeas, bananas, blueberries, oranges, buckwheat, potatoes seafood, etc.

A diet rich in protein will supply your body with the needed amount of amino acids that will help in suppressing your appetite in weight loss. Amino acids are also available in supplement forms which are best taken on prescription to avoid overdosage which will be harmful to you.

If you have been struggling with weight gain, anxiety, overeating, or depression the answer might just be any of these amino suppressants.

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