6 Proven Benefits of Amino Capsules

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Amino acids primarily synthesize proteins. Thus, they’re popularly referred to as proteins’ building blocks.

There are 20 different types of amino acids and all of them are needed in our daily diet for our body to function properly. They’re also categorized into two groups which are non-essential and essential. These two groups simply imply where they’re produced or where to obtain them. For example, non-essential amino acids are those the body produces naturally. On the other hand, essential amino acids are compounds we need to consume.

However, there are non-essential amino acids that diminish as we age or due to a negative lifestyle. For example, proline and arginine are non-essential amino acids, but as we age, its production progressively declines as well. These two amino acids are needed in synthesizing collagen to keep our skin healthy, but we may need to take in supplements to keep our overall health in check.

Essential amino acids we need to intake through our daily diet or sustenance. Dietary supplement comes in various forms which include in powder, tablet, or capsules.

6 Benefits Of Amino Capsules

6 Proven Health Benefits of Amino Acid Capsules

Aside from its role in synthesizing proteins, each amino acid also provides unique roles that are crucial for our body to function properly.

Listed below are some of the amino acid capsules benefits you can obtain from dietary supplements.

1. It helps you lose weight

Dietary amino acid forms are shown to not only decrease stored fats in the abdominal section but also overall fats in our body. This is especially true for BCAA supplements in either powder or capsule form.

A study conducted by Charleston College in South Carolina tests the efficacy of BCAAs comparing to a regular sports drink and protein shakes. The duration of the research is about 8 weeks that includes 36 physically fit male participants. They observed that individuals who are taking at least 14 grams of BCAAs daily are likely to lose twice more weight than those taking sports drinks or whey protein shakes.

In another study made by the University of Sao Paulo, they used experimental rats to tests the effects of leucine supplements. The study showed that the weight and fat mass of the rats had significantly decreased.

However, not all studies showed promising results. Examples are the studies conducted by the University of Arkansas and Top Institute Food and Nutrition in the Netherlands. Their study suggests that there’s no clear connection between weight loss and amino acids. Thus, it needs further studies to conclusively identify amino acids as a viable agent for weight loss.

2. Improve muscle mass

Amino acids, in general, are essential for muscle growth. Probably the most popular among them are the BCAAs, which are widely used by individuals with an active lifestyle.

Studies suggest that leucine, isoleucine, and valine improve the synthesis of protein. Also, they mentioned that leucine alone can help stimulate this protein creating process.

A study was made by various universities to research the BCAA supplements impact during workouts. The researchers found that individuals who consume at least 6 grams of BCAA after intense training improved protein synthesis of the muscles by 22%. This study with amino acid capsules was made in comparison with placebo supplements.

We can also gain other essential amino acids from whey protein shakes.

3. Improves your mood

Tryptophan is categorized into types—D-tryptophan and L-tryptophan. They’re essentially the same molecules with a slight variation.

It’s an essential amino acid that stimulates the production of niacin, which is used in synthesizing serotonin. It also regulates the nitrogen in our bloodstream.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that’s important in regulating our circadian rhythm and improves our mood.

Several studies have shown that conditions of people with symptoms of depression, anxiety, and sleep disorders improved when supplemented with tryptophan. The supplement also improved their mood and overall outlook on life.

In another study lead by the DSM Nutritional Products in Switzerland researched the effects of tryptophan on middle-aged women. The study runs for 19 days and participants are required to take 1 gram of tryptophan daily. At the end of the research, the participants showed improvement in their mood and behavior.

4. Improve cognitive ability

In addition to tryptophan’s ability to lift your mood and improve circadian rhythm, it may also enhance your mental focus. Thus, it improves your short-term memory and how your brain process information.

5. Improve endurance and aids recovery when muscle damage occurs

BCAA supplements are clear options for people with an active lifestyle. They can do more than just help you lose and maintain a healthy weight but also improve your performance level during training.

The three components of BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine) are well-known to ease physical fatigue, aid muscle recovery, and improve endurance.

In a study of 16 physically active individuals, they were asked to take BCAA supplements to test its effects on their overall wellness. At the end of the study, it showed that their performance increased significantly and cases of muscle soreness decreased. This is a comparison to those who are only taking a placebo.

The role and efficacy of BCAAs in muscle recovery and as energy replenishment was also confirmed by research made at Tehran University of Medical Sciences in Iran.

Leucine alone is a potent source of improving your strength. This is also true for those individuals with a more sedentary lifestyle, according to the Sports and Education Department of Leeds Metropolitan University.

6. It aids muscle loss prevention

Muscle loss usually happens when we’re deprived of proteins for a long time. It’s one of the common health risks for individuals undergoing intense workouts—they may be burning fats but they may also experience loss of muscle mass afterward. It also occurs in people suffering from prolonged illnesses and bed rest.

This is where amino acid capsules are immensely crucial. Essential amino acids, especially BCAAs, prevent muscle loss and help speeds up the recovery process when an injury happens.

One particular study made by the Medical Sciences Department of the University of Arkansas tests the efficacy of EEA (Essential Amino Acid) Supplements on the bedridden elderly’s. Participants for the research include 20 elderly’s, and given 15 grams of EEA supplements for 10 days.

Results showed the maintenance of protein synthesis. This is way better than its placebo counterpart, which even leads to a 30% decrease in protein synthesis.

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