Best Amino Acids for Muscle Growth and Fat Loss

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Our body is made in such a way that it needs certain compounds to function properly. And one of such compounds is amino acids. Amino acids are organic compounds that have diverse functions in the body. The total number of amino acids in the body is twenty-one and they are divided into different types. Each amino acid has its own area of specialty. This means that there is a particular function it is more effective in. We will be discussing the best amino acids for muscle growth and fat loss.

There are three classes of amino acids. The essential amino acids, nonessential amino acids, and the conditional amino acids. Our body is able to naturally produce some amino acids itself and these types of an amino acid are known as the conditional amino acids and nonessential amino acids. There are some amino acids that can only be obtained from the food we eat and these are the essential amino acids. What are these foods? They are protein-rich food. When we eat food that contains protein, our digestive system breaks the protein down into amino acids.

What Is Muscle Growth And Fat Loss

After a workout session, the body replaces or repairs damaged fibers in the muscle by undergoing a cellular process. In this process, the muscle fibers are fused together to create myofibrils or protein strands of muscles. These new myofibrils become thicker and multiply to form muscle hypertrophy which is also known as muscle growth. Our muscle grows when the synthesis of muscle protein is more than the breakdown of muscle protein.

Fat loss, on the other hand, is the reduction in the percentage of body fat. People who desire to lose weight often have to work towards losing fat because the amount of fat in the body usually contributes a good measure to body weight. Thankfully we have amino acids that can help in both fat loss and muscle growth and that is what we will be looking at here.

Amino acids are compounds that our body uses to carry out certain vital functions. They are of different types and each has its specific function. We would be looking at the best amino acids for muscle growth and fat loss

Best Amino Acids For Muscle Growth And Fat Loss

1. Creatinine

Creatine is one of the amino acids that is naturally produced in the body. It supplies energy to the muscles and several other tissues. If this amino acid is taken as a supplement then its level will be increased by about forty percent. This increase is what will result in muscle growth. It does this by affecting the cells of the muscle and workout performance. A lot of research has concluded that creatinine truly enhances muscle strength.

This is great news for people who are aiming at growing muscle. When your muscle strength is enhanced you will be able to carry out your exercises better and this would lead to an increase in the mass of your muscles as time goes on.

Another thing creatinine does is that it increases the quantity of water in your muscles. When this occurs your muscle cells enlarge a little bit and create signals for growth in the muscle. Furthermore, when you have an increased amount of this amino acid in your body it will cause an increase in the hormones that are associated with muscle growth.

2. Phenylalanine

This is one amino acid that is known for suppressing appetite. It means that whenever this amino acid is present especially in high quantities it takes away your desire for food by sending a signal to your brain falsely alerting it that you are full. Your brain responds by giving you the feeling of satisfaction so you have no desire to eat more.

You might ask how does this affect fat loss? Well here is the trick, once your appetite for food is gone then that means you will now be able to consume less food per day. We all know that a major contributor to fat gain is our diet. Our body gets its fat from the food we eat and then it keeps on storing them up till it becomes a cause of worry.

Phenylalanine is usually used during weight loss procedures because when you do not eat too much then you will experience weight loss. This particular amino acid does not contribute much to muscle growth, its area of specialty is the fat loss.

3. Leucine, Isoleucine, and valine

These branched-chain amino acids are gotten in food sources such as meat, fish, eggs, dairy, and poultry. They are widely known to be very vital for muscle growth. They can be taken in the form of supplements. It is usually recommended to take them only if you are not getting enough of them from your diet. This is because our body already produces what we need.

However, its supplement form is popular among athletes and bodybuilders. This is understandable because they consume a lot of energy in their exercises and sometimes they would use more amino acids than their body is producing. So they need the extra supplements to offer.

Leucine, isoleucine, and valine are also said to have an active role in fat loss. However, there is no solid evidence to back this claim but several types of research have come out to say it is. Phenylalanine still remains the best amino acid that deals effectively with fat loss.

The Balance

It is true that these amino acids are very good for muscle growth and weight loss but that’s really not all. If you solely rely on eating food that contains them or taking their supplements without putting in any effort on your part, the desired results will not be attained. The most effective thing to do is that while putting in your own effort endeavor that your body has a good supply of the best amino acids for muscle growth and fat loss.

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