The Best Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements

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Best Branched-chain amino acid supplements are arguably the most effective amino supplements out there. It is mostly referred to as BCAAs. These supplements help to provide the needed amino acid that our body needs to function. BCAAs have become so popular and is widely known as a way of enhancing muscle retention, endurance, focus, and fat loss. Many different BCAAs are in the market today, they include adaptogens, stimulants, extracts, and micro-nutrients to give them an edge amidst the many.

A lot of times we see BCAAs combined with caffeine, taurine, glutamine, malate, citrulline, and other supplements that may be beneficial to our workout performance. You do not need to take BCAAs if your body has enough proteins but oftentimes, they are used to improve performance, stimulate the synthesis of protein, and to maintain muscle when carrying out exercise before eating. There are also some specific nutrients contained in the different BCAAs that might be beneficial to other areas of our health. For example, most of these supplements contain high amounts of vitamins, and these vitamins are essential to our bodily functions.

Benefits of BCAAs

Are you wondering what all these fusses about amino acid supplements are all about? Well, the amino acid is a compound that acts as a building block for protein. There are quite several amino acids but each is unique and necessary. Three specific branched amino acids are proteinogenic. That means that during the process of translation, they are integrated into proteins. These are valine, leucine, and isoleucine.

Studies have shown that workout sessions can be more effective if BCAA supplements are taken. This is especially if you have not eaten food with protein all day, or you haven’t had any food all day. BCAAs enhance the synthesis of muscle protein. It also helps in curbing fatigue by preventing a decline in serum, which takes place during exercise.

You might find it very difficult to determine which of the BCAA is best for you, so we did the work for you.

Best Branched Chain Amino Acids Supplements

1. Scivation

This amino acid supplement is a top-notch BCAA. The dose is a little on the high side, and it is available in a variety of flavors. You can even opt for the “natural” flavor if you are not a fan of artificial sweeteners. The good thing about this particular brand is that it is very affordable, unlike other BCAAs. It also has a high content of the vitamin B6, this vitamin helps to retain muscle. Other contents of this BCAA include electrolytes, citrulline malate, and glutamine. The bonus side of this supplement is that there is no stimulant or caffeine in it, so you can decide to take it at whatever time you deem fit.

2. Optimum Nutrition

This is the second favorite general BCAA. It contains vitamin C, which is useful in decreasing damages to the cells, this damages sometimes occur as a result of exercise, presence of sodium, potassium, and magnesium. The stand out point of this particular supplement is its Rhodiola extract, this is a root that functions as a stress reducer and sharpens focus and alertness. It is also made with an ingredient known as baker’s yeast. This helps in improving immunity.

3. Kaged Muscle

This BCAA is particularly good for a workout because it contains I-tyrosine, caffeine, and taurine, which helps in curtailing the jitteriness that often accompanies caffeine. You should know that this particular brand is quite expensive, it is at least double the price of Scivation.

4. Betancourt

Some branched-chain amino acid supplement is especially useful to the male gender and this is one of them. Betancourt has a large amount of Zinc content. You will get about 150% of your daily zinc intake per serving. Wondering how that benefits men? Well, it has been discovered that zinc has something to do with an optimal production of testosterone. This supplement also contains vitamin B12 and B6.

5. BSN Amino X

This is another good supplement for men. It has a high sodium content and sodium is an essential nutrient that needs to be replaced after a tough workout session. One of its best features is that a single serving of this supplement contains about 125% Vitamin D RDI. This is associated with a healthy level of testosterone.

6. Allmax Aminocore

The female gender also has her brand of BCAA supplements that are good for her body. And the max amino core is one of such. It has a high content of Vitamin B and each serving contains about 100% of the suggested daily dose of vitamin B3, B9, B6, and B12.

7. Italian

This is a much better supplement for women and its main beneficiaries are female athletes. It targets fat and aims at burning it up. Some of its ingredients include green tea catechins, evodiamine extract, and these are connected with fat loss. Italian also has high vitamin B content and this is a very essential vitamin for women especially in their middle year.

8. Ghost Amino

There are more uncommon ingredients in this supplement than most of the BCAAs. Surprisingly, the ghost does not contain vitamin B, but it has the highest amount of calcium than the majority of the other supplements. Women are at more risk of losing bones as they grow older, and calcium is one of the main minerals that helps in maintaining strong bones.

9. Cellucor AA

The keto dieters are not left out as we found out some amino acid supplements that are beneficial to them. Cellucor does not have any calorie content so those on the keto diet are safe. This brand of supplement has a high amount of potassium, sodium, and magnesium. People who are on a keto diet are usually advised to take these minerals.

10. MusclePharm

Are you a hard-working athlete or trainer who spends a lot of time in intense workout sessions? If yes, then I am sure that the words focus, and endurance is familiar. This particular supplement has high valine content. Valine is an amino acid that is closely associated with focus and endurance. That makes it one of the best-branched chain amino acid supplements.

Best Branched Chain Amino Acid Supplements

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