BCAA Amino Acids: When Is the Best Time To Take It?

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BCAA amino acids are one of the most popular among many others. It’s a combination of three essential amino acids. And the combination came out to be amazing. Many athletes and fitness enthusiasts always use this supplement. But oftentimes people often ask when is it best time to take BCAA amino acids. Well, we have an answer to that and we’ll be taking a look at that pretty soon.

For a long time now, this has been the reigning champion for many athletes. With evidence, it has been proven that it helps with building muscle and also reduces fatigue. At the same time, it helps reduces soreness in the muscle after strenuous exercise. Yeah, you heard that right. BCAA amino acid supplements do all these. That is all that an athlete wants. There’s nothing more to ask for. And that’s why they are raving about it. Well, let’s find out other interesting things about this guy right here.

What are BCAAs?

This is the short form for branched-chain amino acids. Many supplements contain this amino acid combination. And that’s obviously because of the benefits that come with it. It’s quite popular among bodybuilders. That’s because it helps build muscles and also improves their performance. Athletes also opt for this amino acid.

BCAAs contain 3 different amino acids. And they are all essential amino acids. We have valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These three amino acids are very important in the body. They help make proteins in the body. And proteins are important for cells in the body. Also, both amino acids and proteins are very essential for metabolism in the body.

In most supplements, the ratio of leucine to isoleucine to valine is 2:1:1. So the amount of leucine is about twice the other amino acids in BCAAs. And there’s a good reason for that. It’s because leucine is more effective when it comes to protein synthesis. It also helps in suppressing muscle break down.

The good thing about the three is that they are easily absorbed in the muscle. They are not metabolized by the liver and this makes their effect a lot faster.

Benefits of BCAAs

  • Builds muscle: One role of proteins in the body is building muscle. And amino acids are the building blocks of protein. This is why BCAAs are great for building muscles. Because of this benefit body, builders and athletes opt for this amino acid combination.
  • Reduces fatigue: Usually, after exercise, it’s expected that you would feel fatigued. And one way to fight against it is using BCAAs. What it does is to increase the amount of tryptophan in the brain. Normally, when you exercise this hormone is converted to serotonin. And this causes fatigue. So with increasing the amount of tryptophan, there is increased mental focus and less fatigue.
  • Burns fat: Leucine helps out with weight loss. And leucine is one of the amino acids in BCAA. It makes up a large percentage of BCAA. So one way to get rid of fat and instead build muscle is by opting for BCAAs.
  • Reduces the risk of having liver disease: BCAA is known to benefit people that have liver disease. There are some substances in the blood that help determine if a person is at high risk of having liver disease. Some of the substances reduce in the blood after consuming BCAA. But more research is needed to prove this benefit.

When Is The Best Time To Take BCAA Amino Acids?

Some people say it’s best to take BCAAs before exercise, while some say after exercise is the best. A study that was carried out showed that people who took BCAA supplements before exercise didn’t have muscle soreness and muscle damage. Also, people who took it right after also experienced the same effects. With this, it’s not known which one is more effective. Since both before and after exercise have almost the same effects.

The level of BCAAs in the blood is at its peak of about 30mins after consumption. But studies have not yet shown the best time to take BCAAs. The common belief is that 45-60 mins after doing an exercise is the best window time of use. But new research shows that the window time could be as long as 5 hours after the exercise.

Also, if you ate or took a protein supplement about an hour or two before exercising, then the timing of taking BCAAs might not be that important. But when you don’t take anything before, then it might be an entirely different story.

The point is you really can’t determine when it’s best to take BCAAs. If you feel stronger and less fatigued when you take it before working out then stick to that. If it’s after working out that’s more effective for you then stick to it.

BCAA is quite efficient for muscle building. But still, there are questions as to whether this is indeed a better source than food. People have tried to compare protein supplements with BCAAs. But there very limited findings because the research is limited.

BCAAs are quite easy to consume. But make sure that you know the exact dose to take. The dose differs based on body weight. You can ask your doctor for help with regards to this.

Also, you have to consider a few other things like if it’s for the short term or for a long time. Another consideration is whether you would be taking it on days you don’t exercise. You have to factor all these in if you want to start using BCAAs.

The good thing is that you wouldn’t have a problem using BCAAs. Also, remember that it might not make a difference as to when is the best time to take BCAA amino acids.

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