Beta-Alanine For Boxing

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How does beta-alanine benefit boxing? Well, beta-alanine is an amino acid that can potentially boost power and strength. Learn more about beta-alanine for boxing as you read the article.


Beta Alanine: A Brief Backgrounder

Beta Alanine is a form of amino acid that may be used to help individuals achieve power and strength. This specific amino acid is also utilized to improve muscle endurance, fat loss, and muscle growth. Anecdotal evidence supports the fact that those individuals particularly athletes who take beta alanine experienced better muscle endurance, strength, power, and enhanced gains in the muscle. One critical benefit of beta-alanine is improved endurance wherein patients can sustain strenuous workouts without feeling fatigued and exhausted.

With all of these beta alanine benefits, it is no wonder then that evidence is pointing towards the positive effects of the said amino acids. One important study supported the fact that beta-alanine can indeed help improve athlete and individual performance.


What Does the Student Level Study Say About Beta-Alanine?

One study conducted in Adams State College in Colorado involved 22 student wrestlers who are in the middle of early training for the season and 15 football players from the school as well who was in the middle of training in-season. These students were asked to take in a placebo or four (4) gms or grams of beta-alanine daily for eight (8) straight weeks. Researchers then measured the performance of the athletes based on their performance for the 90 degrees flexed arm routine and 300 yard shuttle time. They also measured the composition of the student athlete’s bodies after the eight (8) week study.

The researchers confirmed that the group who took in beta-alanine supplements for eight (8) weeks lowered their time required for the 300 yard shuttle time by almost one second and heightened their total hang time by up to three (3) seconds compared to the group who took in placebos. The student wrestlers who also took beta alanine gained one pound of muscle compared to the other group who lost a pound of muscle (the placebo group). For the college football players, on the other hand, those taking beta-alanine supplements gained two(2) pounds or lbs of muscle mass while those in the placebo group only gained a pound. In addition, those in the placebo group gained one percent (1%) pound of body fat while the group that did take in beta-alanine did not gain any body fat.

Beta-alanine has also been tested on soldiers on a different study and the results are also promising.


What is the Effect of Beta-Alanine on Soldiers?

Researchers from the University of Florida conducted some research on the effects of beta-alanine on soldiers in collaboration with the Medical Corps of the Israeli Defense Force. In the said study, 20 soldiers who are male who also happened to be from one of the elite units of the said military force were asked to take in either beta-alanine supplementation or just a placebo for four (4) weeks during their demanding physical training in the military.

The study published its findings in 2014 in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition and concluded that the militiamen who took in beta-alanine greatly increased their ability to jump after a run amounting to 4 Kilometers and also had notable improvements in their marksmanship particularly in the use of rifles.

However, the overall studies should not really be considered as something as unexpected. Soldiers who took beta-alanine and who underwent a strenuous 4 km run will obviously have the advantage over those soldiers who only took a placebo. Numerous studies have been conducted showing just how important beta alanine is in the later stages of physical activity particularly when energy levels have mostly been depleted. In fact, certain brands of beta-alanine supplements have been known to provide the explosive power needed in the late stages of demanding physical sports and activities.

One surprising result for the study though is the improved marksmanship experienced by soldiers which seems to indicate improved performance for psychomotor factors. Looking closely at the science behind this though supports the actual results of the research. As stated earlier, beta-alanine is a known neurotransmitter which means better impulse transmission from the brain to the muscle and vice versa. This can result in better reflexes and reaction time which are both needed in accurate rifle marksmanship.


What About Beta-Alanine for Boxing?

For those in full contact sports, whether as a mixed martial artist, a Muay Thai fighter, or practitioner of the sweet science, a boxer, then beta-alanine can be of great benefit in terms of supplementation. Researchers hailing from Wales tasked amateur boxers to take in either a placebo or 1.5 grams or gms of beta-alanine for four (4) weeks, four (4) times a day. This combined dosage amounted to six (6) gms or grams of total beta-alanine. The said athletes were then asked to do their punching bag routine for three minutes to simulate one boxing round. The athletes were also asked to do regular punches in the first 2 minutes and 50 seconds but were then asked to go all out in the last 10 seconds. The results that were published in 2012 indeed confirmed that beta-alanine can enhance the punching power of not just boxers but of other combat sports athletes.

Beta-Alanine For Boxing

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