Top 6 Branched-Chain Amino Acid Powder

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For a long time now branched-chain amino acid supplements have been in the market. So many people opt for BCAA supplements because of the benefits they get from it. This happens to be one of the most nutritious and effective supplements that athletes opt for. And the results are simply amazing. Well, different people have come up with different branched-chain amino acid powder. And it has become a bit difficult for people to make their choice. Well, we’re here to help you out with that. We’ve come up with the top 6 branched-chain amino acid powder that you can opt for. Keep reading to find out which ones are in our top 6.

Benefits of BCAAs

BCAA supplements are made up of 3 amino acids. The three amino acids are valine, leucine, and isoleucine. These three amino acids work together in your body for certain purposes. One of which is that they help build and repair muscle tissue. So if your muscle is recovering because of strenuous exercise BCAA supplement is one way to a speedy recovery. So many athletes have tried it and they had great results. Well, that’s just one out of the many benefits of BCAAs.

Listed below are some other benefits of BCAA.

Improves synthesis of protein

In simpler terms, it means it helps build muscles. Here leucine happens to be the very efficient amino acid. Amino acids make up proteins. And proteins are the building blocks of muscles. So what leucine does is to bring together the amino acids to form the protein. With that, the muscle is also being built. Also, leucine helps increase the level of insulin in the body. And insulin also helps in the building of muscles.

Prevents breakdown of muscles

They are efficient in making sure that muscle mass isn’t broken down during exercise. They do this by preventing the production of cortisol. Cortisol is actually the hormone that causes the breakdown of muscle. So when the level of cortisol is low the breakdown of muscle would reduce as well.

Reduces fatigue

Valine is the amino acid responsible here. Normally, tryptophan another amino acid is responsible for producing serotonin. And serotonin is an amino acid that gives you that relaxing effect. But when you’re exercising all your muscles are active. Valine then prevents the action of tryptophan in allowing fatigue to come in after exercise.

Fat loss

When a person is exercising the body needs energy. And the favorite source of energy is proteins. And this isn’t what we want. We want the fat to be burned not the muscle. So if you don’t eat good food that changes the normal process our body would keep burning muscle instead of fat. And this is what BCAAs can do. They help change the normal process. And make your body burn fat instead of muscles. This helps out with the loss of fat.

Top 6 Branched-Chained Amino Acid Powder

Top 6 Branched Chain Amino Acid Powder

1. Scivation Xtend BCAA

This is one good BCAA powder. It has three amino acids. Also, with serving you get 7g of BCAAs. At the same time, you get 2.5g of glutamine. This is also another amino acid that helps out with muscle growth. It comes with a good electrolyte blend of potassium and sodium. These are good hydrating electrolytes.

2. Amino Build BCAA

It also contains all three amino acids. And the proportion is 2:1:1. It also contains betaine. In this BCAA powder, they used natural sources like coconut water and watermelon juice. This unlike many other BCAA powders isn’t calorie-free. In a scoop, you would get 25 calories. And for many people, they opt for two scoops. So if you’re looking for how to build muscle and you’re not concerned about calorie intake then this is a good one for you.

3. Evolution Nutrition BCAA

For focus and energy this is one good one. It also has a ratio of 2:1:1. Also, it contains caffeine from green tea. And this is a good choice because green tea contains a lot of antioxidants. This powder also contains vitamins B and C. Also, taurine, beta-alanine, and l-alanine are included. And all these help boost energy and improve endurance. The good thing about this brand is that they have a lot of different flavors. So you would have a lot to choose from.

4. Muscle Pharm BCAA

This is one that has a new ratio. Its ratio is 3:1:2. So there is 3x of leucine, 1x of isoleucine and 2x of valine. It’s quite simple. And it’s cheap as well. But doesn’t have extras like other brands have. The fact that it doesn’t have these extras is actually why it’s very affordable.

5. In-Kaged

This is one of the best formulas for an intra-workout supplement. It also has the ratio 2:1:1. It contains tyrosine, beta-alanine and also taurine. Another addition is coconut water powder. And this is for hydration of the muscle tissues. It also contains organic caffeine that provides you with the energy needed.

6. Post Jym Ingredients Matrix

Right here is one that’s designed for post-workout purposes. It still has the same 2:1:1 ratio. It contains taurine, betaine, beta-alanine, and creatine. At the same time, it contains carnitine and glutamine. These two help out with added recovery in the body. This supplement is easily absorbed in the body. If you do long strenuous workouts this would be a good option for you.

The powder form of BCAA supplement is the most popular. But there’s also the capsule form. Make sure that before toy takes a BCAA supplement you have enough protein in your body. And that’s because a BCAA supplement would not be effective when there’s no protein in the body. You can opt for something as simple as a protein shake.

Now that you know the top 6 BCAA powder supplement what next? Well, take a good look at all of them. Find out a bit more about each of them and if possible read customer reviews. With this, you should be able to pick one that suits you best among the top 6 branched-chain amino acid powder.

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