Cysteine For Hangover Relief

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People drink alcohol to enjoy them, but the experience of drinking a worldwide favorite like beer does not always come with just pure enjoyment. What is the reason why a hangover often occurs after drinking alcoholic beverages? Is there a way to avoid it or is inevitable for everyone? And did you know that there is an unexpected treatment for hangover relief that is actually made from a natural ingredient? Other than having the characteristics of being a natural product, the hangover treatment is derived from a non-essential amino acid called cysteine.

In this article, let’s discuss and familiarize ourselves with alcoholic beverages, its connection to a hangover, and how L-cysteine can help in relieving most hangover symptoms.


Alcohol and Its Effect to Health

Alcohol has been a part of the lives of humans for centuries. It has born witness throughout the historic advancements of our society. Until now, it continues to promote its solid foundation and unwavering reputation.

Despite the favorable response of the public to alcohol, there are actually a lot of mixed responses when it comes to its effect on the body. True enough, there are types of alcohol that can benefit the body in a lot of ways. There are even those alcoholic beverages that are specifically made for the purpose of serving as a treatment for some medical conditions. Sadly, cases of alcoholism are becoming more alarming than before. Excessive drinking proves to endanger the human body and even threatens the lives of others.

Damage to organs

Additionally, excessive alcohol consumption is capable of damaging certain body organs that are responsible for filtering which are the kidneys and the liver. So if the person drinks more than what is advised, there is a big possibility that their filtering organs will get damaged. In the future, they will most likely not be able to function well anymore – even leading to complete organ failure which may cause death.

Each person has their own alcohol tolerance, and at the same time, the effect of a certain alcohol drink depends per individual. The negative effects of alcohol occur when a person drinks more than their body can handle. There are also a few who becomes dependent on alcohol due to their emotional surge and stress. For them, alcohol is their reliever. However, it is always advisable to take control of alcohol consumption before it gets too late.


Hangover from Alcohol

The feeling of lightheadedness and the urge to vomit that lingers until the moment you wake up; yes, it may be a hangover from your night out drinking with your friends last night.

As previously mentioned, alcohol consumption does not always lead to positive effects. There are also times when even a person who drinks moderate alcohol experiences hangover; but it is more common to heavy drinkers. It is like an after effect of alcohol, and it is a very unpleasant feeling to have a hangover. People usually think of ways to get rid of this but in most cases they just let the feeling cool down by itself, although they are about to suffer from the uneasiness for about 24 hours if they just let it happen. How can you say if you are experiencing a hangover? There are specific signs and symptoms that indicate its occurrence.


Signs and Symptoms of Hangover

Normally, the impact of a hangover is at its peak in the morning of the day after the heavy drinking happened. The symptoms that are felt by the individual depends on which type of alcohol they consumed and the exact amount they drank. Nevertheless, all the symptoms are meant to provide discomfort and feelings of uneasiness. Here are some of the possible signs and symptoms of a hangover:

  1. The individual will be experiencing minor to severe lethargy and fatigue.
  2. A feeling of frequent thirst that is accompanied by a dry mouth.
  3. People with hangovers often encounter headaches and a possible body ache which may affect different muscles of the body.
  4. It is also common for people with a hangover to feel lightheaded and they may take frequent trips to the bathroom because of vomiting.
  5. The vomiting may also be caused by stomach pain.
  6. There may be difficulty in falling asleep; resulting in lack of sleep and a sudden change in the sleeping pattern.
  7. A person becomes more sensitive to lights and sound.
  8. The dizziness becomes more troublesome as there is a possibility that the person will feel a spinning sensation (they will think that their surroundings are spinning).
  9. It will be very hard to concentrate.
  10. Mood swings may occur and the individual becomes irritable at the same time.
  11. Palpitations and a faster heartbeat.


Cysteine for Hangover Relief

It’s about time that we get to know about the amino acid that can actually be used as an aid for hangovers.

To take advantage of the effect of cysteine for a hangover, it is made into a dietary supplement called the N-acetylcysteine for easier consumption. So, how did this amino acid-derived supplement become effective in relieving hangover symptoms?

According to studies, it is said that the activity of N-acetylcysteine is connected to alcohol metabolism that occurs in the body once alcohol is consumed. The primary act of the amino acid supplement is to increase and boost the production of the antioxidant glutathione; which is known as the most powerful antioxidant to ever exist. And what does glutathione do to relieve hangover? First of all, alcoholic beverages contain a compound called ethanol. When alcohol is consumed by a human, the ethanol is transferred to the liver for processing. After that, it becomes a new substance called acetaldehyde. Unfortunately, this newly formed substance is actually toxic and dangerous for the body. It is the main contributor to liver damage caused by excessive alcohol consumption.

The advisable use of N-acetylcysteine is by taking it 30 minutes before you drink alcohol. This gives the NAC time to adjust to the body and then it will be able to contribute to the production of glutathione in advance, making it more effective and more prepared in taking down the dangerous acetaldehyde. Try this method and you’ll surely feel a lot of difference after drinking alcohol.

Amino Acid Cysteine for Hangover Relief

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