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People want to have that glowing and clear skin to improve their physical appearance and grooming. With improved grooming and appearance, individuals can have that added self-confidence to help them better deal with their professional and personal affairs. For most people, skincare can simply be regularly washing with soap and the use of basic beauty products such as powders, moisturizers, or astringents. There are some, however, who will go beyond the external aspects of skincare and take supplements to further improve skin health. An example of such supplements is amino acids. But what are the best essential amino acid for skin ? Read on and find out.

Amino Acids: A Brief Overview

Times are changing and with it, health care and skincare are evolving to include various different techniques for their enhancement and improvement. Health and wellness now require a combination of healthy eating habits and reliable exercise routines. This potent combination should ideally result in a healthy lifestyle that can help improve an individual’s quality of life. Skin health is another area where special attention is required.

The building blocks of protein are known as amino acids and they are important for the health of the skin. For the skin to maintain its youthful look and glow, the skin will require a number of key nutrients for the skin’s repair and to ensure that the structure of the skin is maintained. Amino acids are also critical for skin health as they act as chemical messengers and contribute to the metabolism of the cells. Attempting to maintain healthy skin without the appropriate amino acids is like constructing a building or house without wood or other construction materials in that it probably will not be staying erect for a long time. Once the amino acid balance is achieved, the skin can stay glowing and healthy.

Amino acids come from the food we eat and produced by our own bodies. In total, there twenty (20) main amino acids for continued health and these are glycine, proline, valine, phenylalanine, methionine, leucine, isoleucine, alanine, tryptophan, cysteine, tyrosine, threonine, serine, histidine, asparagine, glutamine, glutamic acid, aspartic acid, lysine, and arginine. Most of these amino acids can be processed by the human body on their own but the essential ones which include lysine, histidine, threonine, tryptophan, isoleucine, leucine, methionine, phenylalanine, and valine can be acquired by eating certain food items such as hummus, quinoa, eggs, tuna, and soybeans.

Skincare and Amino Acids: Is there a connection?

People may be asking then, what is the connection between skincare and amino acids. As it turns out, there is a very crucial connection between the two. Amino acids ensure the creation of elastin, fibrinogen, and collagen which are all essential for keeping the skin strong and smooth. Reduced amino acids in the body can lead to the slow down in the production of elastin and collagen and can lead to skin that is less plump and firm which can start in as early as 25 years of age and will progress as the individual ages, especially for women. Aside from this, amino acids can help the barrier of the skin strong, reduction or elimination of free radicals, maintenance of a healthy pH, and to contribute to the healing process of the skin.

If the production of amino acids is reduced or decreased, skin health may be adversely affected. Human cells are constantly being renewed. With lower amino acids in the body, an imbalance may occur and lead to decreased collagen in the body which can lead to skin that is wrinkled and sagging. In addition, elastin and collagen can help the tissue of the skin to retain its firmness and help prevent or delay the occurrence of wrinkles. Collagen, while seemingly very important to skin health, cannot reliably be added to the skin directly. Instead, it is best to improve the body’s production of collagen through amino acid supplementation

Some of the Benefits of Amino Acids on the Skin

Listed below are some of the known benefits of amino acids on the skin:

  • Antioxidants: One main problem of the skin is the presence of free radicals or molecules with electrons that are missing or lost. This state can convert these free radicals into scavengers of electrons leading to destabilization and damage of normal molecules and cells. These abnormalities and problems can lead to more serious medical conditions such as cancers, blood disorders, and heart problems.
  • Hydrators: Moisture in the skin is important and with amino acids, hydration can readily occur through its ability to bind molecules with that of water. This can contribute to stronger and more stable levels of pH barriers and stave off bacteria and other harmful microorganisms from penetrating the skin, thereby preventing the occurrence of infections, blemishes, and breakouts of acne.
  • Accelerators of Healing: As mentioned earlier, amino acids can help in the acceleration of skin healing. One of the most impressive amino acid properties is its ability to reduce the breakdown of tissue and aid in skin rejuvenation. Amino acids can help the skin do this as it can contribute to the metabolism of cells and skin structures resulting in an improved turnover of cells and lower the instances of scarring.

Essential Amino Acid For Skin: What are some of the best Amino Acids for healthy skin?

For those looking for products or supplements to boost the health of their skin, they can opt to go for the following amino acids:

  • Glycine: Aids in the improved rate of healing and reduced breakdown of tissue
  • Glutamine: Similar to glycine, this amino acid can also improve the rate of skin healing and reduce the breakdown of tissue
  • Tyrosine: Aids in improving the helpful components from penetrating the skin
  • Lysine: Aids in increased production of collagen and skin hydration
  • Proline: Help reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines
  • Leucine: Similar to proline, leucine can help reduce the occurrence of wrinkles and fine lines


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