Top Sources Of Valine for Vegans

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Without amino acids, our body will never function as it is. In fact, chances are probably high the moment we fail to give our bodies even just one of those amino acids; but that will be impossible because our bodies are always capable of providing us with some of those compounds that we need. What about those who are currently doing a vegan diet? In this article, we will discuss more about top food sources of amino acids, specifically, valine for vegans.

The Importance of Amino Acids

Essential amino acids are the type of amino acids that cannot be produced by the body. The body may encounter problems and complications once they are not supplied properly. So, in order to be a healthy and properly functioning individual, we must be cautious of what we eat and make sure that we are supplying our bodies with all kinds of amino acids; especially the essential ones. The importance of these amino acids are given emphasis when it comes to those that are required but they cannot be synthesized by the body alone. With the help of the nutritious and abundant food sources that contain these kinds of amino acids, the body will then make use of them to properly enhance those amino acids by converting them into the units needed to be able to help in specific body functions.

What about those who are currently doing diets either as a means of losing weight or due to their health conditions? People who are undergoing certain diets are probably asked to restrict some foods by reducing the amount of consumption or by completely avoiding them, what if those essential amino acids can only be sourced from those foods? This concern is mostly applicable to diet regimens like the vegetarian diet.

No need to worry, because age supplements that are made from amino acids are already consumed by almost anyone imagined. Also, if you worry that there may not be any other food that contains those amino acids you may be wrong about that; because even a specific amino acid known as valine can be provided to vegetarians even without compromising their strict diets.

VALINE: What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Valine is an essential amino acid, and it is very important and is needed by the body in specific amounts. Amino acids are big contributors to all the different functions that occur within the body. For this to take effect, the inclusion of foods rich in essential amino acids like valine should be consumed regularly. Amino acids are also the building blocks of proteins for the growth and development of cells in our bodies. Amazing, right?

Amino acids tend to have a lot of similar qualities and functions, each of them still has their own uniqueness. For valine though, it does not necessarily have its own distinction when compared to the other amino acid. This amino acid is known as not too relevant. Because there are other amino acids that can actually replicate how valine works. But still, the body does specific functions, thanks to the combination of the three BCAAs (leucine, isoleucine, and valine).

Valine may be underappreciated compared to all the other essential amino acids. It still is no doubt needed by the body for it to be able to function properly. Nevertheless, everything that comprises the human body has its own purpose and use.

Top Sources Of Valine For Vegans

Top Sources Of Valine For Vegans

For non-vegans, it may be easier to look for food sources that contain valine; some of them may even be abundant and rich with the amino acid.

For vegans, it may be a struggle if they are not completely familiar on which amino acids are important and its sources. But they do not have to worry, because there are actually vegan-friendly foods out there that contain valine amino acids so you will never encounter problems when preparing for your upcoming meal.

This list contains a few examples of food that are known to have good amounts of the amino acid and they are arranged from the highest to lowest based on their valine content.


A well-loved staple food when it comes to diet. Oats are delicious and considered to be good for vegans. It is one of the top foods when it comes to valine content. A single cup of oats can give the body 1.46 grams of the amino acid.


These legumes are a favorite of vegans and non-vegans alike. It is also a versatile food ingredient which can be made into different kinds of food products when processed. One cup of soybeans can provide the body with 0.98 grams of valine for vegans.

Pumpkin Seeds

They can be eaten as a snack or used as an ingredient in meals, pumpkin seeds are known delicious and healthy seeds that are very beneficial for the body. And like almost all kinds of seeds, it is vegan-friendly. You can enjoy munching on a cup of pumpkin seeds while watching your favorite TV show and give yourself some extra 0.95 grams of the amino acid valine.


If you want to gain more nutrients and health benefits, you may want to add a bunch of spinach leaves into your meal. Its valine content may not be that high, but spinach is still preferable. It can provide a lot more nutrients that can benefit the body in many ways. Your added bunch of spinach leaves can provide the body with about 0.54 grams of the mentioned amino acid.

A farmer holds a handful of organic soybeans, which are very good sources of valine for vegans

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