Glutamine: A Natural Remedy For Erectile Dysfunction

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Do you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED)? There are many natural remedies available if you want to avoid prescription drugs. The main problem with them is they contain strong chemicals that can cause many side-effects. One option to consider is glutamine and erectile dysfunction. Glutamine is one of the body’s 20 amino acids. Studies show it provides many benefits for the immune system and digestive system. It’s also an option if you’re looking for a dietary supplement for treating ED. About half of men experience ED by their 50s and the rate increases about 10% every 10 years afterward. You have many remedy options.

You might be wondering whether or not you should pick an amino acid to treat ED. One of the drawbacks of natural remedies is they don’t have the strong chemicals of prescription meds. This can be a drawback when you’re dealing with physical issues that are causing the condition. On the other hand, these remedies can also provide a safe and natural way to treat the condition. What makes the situation difficult is sorting through fact and fiction to determine whether or not a particular dietary supplement can verify the claims made by manufacturers and users that it works when treating conditions like ED.

What Is Erectile Dysfunction?

This happens when a man experiences problems with achieving and maintaining an erection that is constant and happens at repeated times. It can make sexual activity difficult. About 20% of men have erectile dysfunction (ED) and the percentage increases as men age.

It’s important to note that there are actually several types of sexual dysfunction among men. They include low sex drive and other issues. However, ED is a condition that’s specifically related to keeping an erection.

ED can cause several symptoms including:

  • Brief erections
  • Soft erections
  • Unable to have erections

A man has clinical ED if he’s unable to get an erection or it doesn’t last long enough for sexual activity.

This condition becomes increasingly common as men get older. It’s important to note that this doesn’t mean that men can’t have a sex life as they age. It only means there’s a greater chance of ED as men become older.

There are also various risk factors that can increase the chance a man will experience ED. They include age, genetics, smoking, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Before taking up possible remedies it’s also critical to talk about what exactly ED is. An erection happens when blood fills up 2 chambers. The penis then expands and becomes stiffer like a balloon. The activity happens due to factors like the brain and nerves.

In the case of ED, there are a few things that can happen to cause the condition. They include the blood flow and brain/body signals getting blocked. When these events happen, it results in ED.

Various factors can affect ED. They include:

  • Alcohol
  • Smoking
  • No regular exercise
  • Drugs
  • Obesity
  • Medication
  • Surgery
  • Psychological

It’s important for your doctor to provide an exam and order tests if you think you might have ED. You can then talk with him/her about possible treatments. They can include over-the-counter (OTC) or prescription drugs, and surgery.

In fact, a man’s sex drive and ED are sometimes unrelated. For example, a man can have a healthy sex drive but also be unable to achieve and maintain an erect penis.

It’s important to note that ED is mostly a physical problem. In many cases, there’s some physical issue that’s causing the problem.

What Is Glutamine?

This is one of the body’s 20 amino acids. This is one that is “conditionally essential.” The body can produce the amino acid but sometimes the body isn’t able to make enough. In that case, you’ll have to get more through sources like food or supplements.

Studies show that this amino acid can provide several health benefits and deal with various medical conditions. They include responding better to exercise.

L-glutamine is an amino acid that’s important for various functions. They include brain function and digestion. It’s actually the most common amino acid within the human body. This amino acid provides several benefits. They include healing wounds, treating cancer symptoms, and improving athletic performance. It’s also helpful when getting cancer treatments like radiation and chemotherapy.

In fact, people with cancer often have a glutamine deficiency. As a result, this explains why it’s often used as a cancer treatment since it can boost their levels of the amino acid. Your doctor might suggest glutamine supplements for other reasons. They include over-exercising and high stress levels. Various studies show that the amino acid seems to help with these conditions.

Sometimes glutamine is combined with other ingredients to provide more powerful effects. In some situations, the combined ingredients provide better results. However, sometimes one ingredient is actually less effective when it works with the other one.

It’s important to talk to your doctor before you start taking a dietary supplement like glutamine. This includes informing your doctor of all OTC and prescription meds you’re currently taking. That will help to prevent possible “interactions” between the amino acid and other meds.

You should also watch out for possible side-effects. These will usually be mild due to the ingredients being natural. However, it’s still possible you might be allergic to the amino acid and experience minor symptoms.

Glutamine and Erectile Dysfunction

That brings us to the main question: can glutamine treat ED effectively? There isn’t any strong scientific evidence it can help in the area. The amino acid’s general ability to boost the immune system might be beneficial.

However, it’s usually other amino acids like L-arginine that are usually used for treating ED. In fact, you can pick from several herbal supplements that are available if you want to treat ED.

The manufacturers of these supplements often make big claims about how their products can help to treat ED. However, it’s important to look more closely to see if there’s solid evidence the company can deliver on its promises.

L-arginine is an amino acid that makes proteins. The reason this amino acid is sometimes used for ED is it allows the blood vessels to relax. This allows blood to flow better throughout your arteries. That, in turn, can help to treat ED. In theory, the improved blood circulation could help the patient to achieve and maintain a direction better.

There hasn’t been much research related to glutamine and ED. However, it’s a different story with L-arginine. In fact, a lot of research has been conducted. What does the research show? The supplement is safe for most men. However, in terms of being able to restore erectile function, it doesn’t seem to be very effective in achieving that goal.

Sometimes L-arginine is combined with other ingredients, which might help to boost its effectiveness. However, it’s important to research how well these combos are at producing healthy erectile function.

As always, it’s important to check with your doctor. He/She can provide info about whether Glutamine, L-arginine or another option is the best one for you. In some cases, prescription meds and even surgery might be options to consider to boost the effectiveness of glutamine and erectile dysfunction.

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