What’s A Good Amino Acid Supplement To Take And Why You Need It

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What a good amino acid supplement? In this article, learn more about amino acids and whats good amino acid supplements you can regularly take to promote a stronger and healthier body. First, what is an amino acid? Biologically, amino acids are any molecules containing both carboxyl (C = O) and amine (NH2+R). It is a carboxylic acid that plays a big role in making protein. Amino acids are the nutrient’s building blocks.

In total, 20 essential amino acids create almost all types of protein in the body. You need all of them for your body to function at its peak. There are also 12 non-essential amino acids, amino acids which are acquirable through diet only. Essential amino acids are produced in the body. Amino acids carry several roles besides synthesis. From muscle buildup to energy-boosting, our bodies need both essential and non-essential amino acids and amino acid supplements taken regularly. For men and women of sports, especially, they need protein supplements to maintain their best shape. Amino acids also support a decrease in soreness post muscle workout, minimizes fatigue, prevents muscle waste, as well as helps those suffering from liver disease. What a good amino acid supplement? Read on to find out.

What’s a Good Amino Acid Supplement

BCAA, the acronym for Branched Chain Amino Acids, are amino scientifically proven to improve muscle quality, recovery, and endurance. This makes BCAA amino acids a top choice for health buffs, wellness enthusiasts, and muscle builders. BCAA promotes muscle protein bonds while preventing muscle breakdown. Research finds that BCAA also aids in digestion.

So what’s a good amino acid supplement? L – Leucine or leucine is an essential amino acid next to valine and isoleucine, the two other BCAA. Leucine is essentially a top-ranking amino acid if amino acids were ranked for their potency and functionality, and it is also the most abundant of the BCAA. Leucine promotes protein synthesis, as well as protein synthesis of the skeletal muscles, making it a top supplement before performing intensive workouts. Moreover, they assist in weight loss and minimize fatigue post-workout. Taking a leucine supplement of BCAA between meals and post-workout maintains good muscle strength and burns fat.

Taking in adequate amounts of leucine promotes muscle growth. Like other important nutrients the body needs, to support skin health, vision, organ function, amino acids like leucine ought to be taken as preparatory for later age especially as our muscles gradually wear out over time. This is why leucine is recommended by doctors and health experts for seniors as well.

Leucine Intake For Weight and Fat Loss

A handful of studies have revealed that leucine can benefit those needing weight loss and fat loss aid boosters. The College of Illinois conducted a study among participants giving them a high amount of leucine and found that it resulted in both fat loss and overall weight loss. They also found that leucine is better at preserving lean body mass and managing glucose levels.

Also, the ADA (American Diabetes Affiliation) discovered in a study conducted among mice that doubling leucine intake significantly reduces weight gain caused by a diet high in fat. It also revealed how leucine could improve glucose metabolism, reduces insulin resistance (from a poor diet), and helps combat conditions like hypercholesterolemia and hyperglycemia. It is because leucine increases your body’s resting energy expenditure linked to elevated UCP3 expression of your body’s thermogenic tissues.

Leucine Intake For Adults And Seniors

Based on studies on 66-years olds vs. younger (30-year old) individuals conducted by researchers from the College of Texas, added leucine intake to the daily plan benefited the elders’ health more than the leucine intake benefited the younger participants of the study. This goes to show how the BCAA leucine promotes the synthesis of muscle proteins in the body.

Leucine In Your Diet Plan

Nutritionists still debate on the definite leucine amount adults must consume per day. However, most experts recommended 2.5 – 3 grams of the BCAA. This BCAA is found in dairy products, beans, eggs, meats, among other food regular sources easy to find. Not to worry, you certainly cannot suffer from a leucine deficiency. Put simply, the more you have of it by means of supplement and daily diet, the better it sustains your muscles. Research reveals that leucine intake is more effective when pairing leucine supplements with a daily protein-rich diet.

Below is a list of top leucine supplement brands:

  • BulkSupplements Powder (Pure L – Leucine)
  • Source Naturals
  • NutraBio (Pure L – Leucine)
  • NutraBio Powder (Pure L – Leucine)
  • Nutricost Powder (Pure L – Leucine)
  • Serious Nutrition Solutions
  • Muscle Feast Instantized
  • Allmax Nutrition L – Leucine Powder

The best way to attain good and sure amounts of leucine is through supplements. Find one that contains at least 2 grams or more in each serving. You can buy BCAA supplements also to acquire the other two (valine and isoleucine) amino acids, or you can get leucine sold separately in pill or powder form. But it’s better to get the complete BCAA chain. You only need a particular quantity daily.

Taking leucine, you should understand that the body also has a threshold. Once it does, your body goes into muscle buildup mode. Moreover, you need to consume higher doses of leucine in 1 – 2 hours. Post-workout leucine intake is effective for recovery and muscle growth, and even if you’re not working out.

However, adding more leucine after the next few hours may not prove as effective if you’re already eating high-protein meals or drinking high-protein beverages. Some can take up to 5 grams of leucine a day, but with low-protein meat consumption. These two go better together and will be more effective for muscle promotion.

Finally, it is found that consuming leucine when your body is in metabolic stress becomes more effective. Aging, for example, is a metabolic stress process. It is because the metabolism in your body changes as you age. Diabetes is another example. It struggles when your sugar levels are high, affecting your metabolism.

An obese 66-year old senior so to speak, will be able to benefit from leucine more than a healthier 30-year old adult will. What’s a good amino acid supplement: leucine, and now you know.

Good Amino Acid Supplement

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