Good Amino Acid Supplements To Use, Their Function And Benefits

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What are amino acids, and what are the good amino acid supplements? In this article, learn more about how to pick good amino acid supplements to boost your health. An amino acid is the smallest protein element/unit. Proteins in the human body shape organs and tissues and amino acids are organic compounds formed from a group of amines and carboxylic acids.

There are three amino acids groups: amino group, carboxylic acid group, and an R group or side chain. In our bodies, twenty distinct amino acids exist. Each one of us has a distinct side chain. The amino acid side groups are responsible for communicating and building up the tertiary protein structure. Amino acids are protein foundations also implemental to muscle buildup, keeping energy levels up during workouts, maintaining a healthy body. Most people have the necessary amino acids their body needs based on their diet and protein supplements taken on a regular basis. However, many athletes or non-athletes cannot acquire the right amount of amino acids to maintain in their best shapes despite their heavier workouts. This is why good amino acid supplements are useful in your day today. Learn about the best types to take for your body.

Choosing Good Amino Acid Supplements

What are some good amino acid supplements? Here you’ll find out about best picks. All in all, we have 20 types in our bodies that connect together and providing proteins a range of high-performing functions.


A non-essential amino acid, glutamine is something the human body cannot produce on its own. This means supplements become a necessity. Glutamine is the most abundant of all the amino acids in the body’s muscle tissue. However, the body is not always fast to recover in demanding physical activities, causing glutamine amounts to deplete. Because of this, glutamine supplementation becomes a must, especially for athletes.

Did you know? Based on studies, glutamine prevents muscle soreness, strengthens, and decreases recovery time. In fact, many vegetarians and vegans use glutamine because they lack sources from it from certain foods. Some people report that taking in more glutamine has helped with fewer sugar cravings.

Backed by science, glutamine works in promoting efficient digestive and immune health. The cells in the immune system and digestive system utilize glutamine as a primary energy source instead of glucose. Moreover, after a wound/injury, glutamine plays an implemental role in healing. It helps patients suffering from cancer as well. Whey protein is an excellent glutamine source. You can buy good amino acid supplements for glutamine in the local pharmacy.


Research reveals how leucine is essential in the promotion of muscle growth as well as protein synthesis or protein absorption in muscles. Studies link an increase in muscle mass, improved protein synthesis, muscle soreness reduction, and more health benefits by taking in just 3 grams to 20 grams of good amino acid supplements rich in leucine. In fact, based on user evident, 12 grams of leucine daily has shown muscle mass increase for older women that have not trained using weights.

Leucine is found to be one of the best amino acids around, if not the best performing. Imagine just taking just a few grams of leucine on a daily basis.


5-HTP is well-known for helping with mental and sleeping problems like mood swings and insomnia. 5-HTP is a primer to serotonin production, the latter being the chemical that induces happy moods. Meaning, the more 5-HTP and serotonin, the happier you can be. This amino acid is linked to the relief of insomnia, anxiety, and depression symptoms.

5-HTP is not attainable from food sources; however, tryptophan, another important amino acid, aids your body to produce more 5-HTP. Foods that contain tryptophan include chicken, turkey, sunflower seeds, seaweed, and milk. Note to mind: when taken with antidepressant meds and SSRI, 5-HTP may be dangerous. Did you know? Studies have revealed that when you take 5-HTP while eating, you are quicker to feel full. 5-HTP is also linked to faster weight loss.


L-arginine is a popular essential amino acid frequently ingested by bodybuilders and athletes. This is because L-arginine supports nitric oxide concentration and blood flow. Both an oxygen and nitrogen combination, nitric oxide performs many functions in the body, making a top choice for athletes to boost their overall performance.

Did you know? The Nobel Prize for medicine during 1998 was awarded to the scientist who discovered that nitric oxide functions as a signaling molecule for the cardiovascular system? This information proves very vital for medicine and health.

Moreover, nitric oxide received the award for ‘molecule of the year’ in 1992 by Science Magazine. Another L-arginine function is to help chronic illnesses, such as high blood pressure and type 2 diabetes.


Your body can produce L-carnitine; however, to acquire higher amounts, you will also need to get them from food. L-carnitine helps to decrease signs of aging, burning of fat, as well as improved alertness. Moreover, L-carnitine can heighten insulin sensitivity, making it a great supplement for those suffering from diabetes. You can find rich sources of L-carnitine in red meat.


Good amino acid supplements promote the best exercises due to their components that protect and rebuild damaged muscles faster than normal. Following to damaged muscles, dehydration is another primary concern for athletes because they exert so much muscle power, which in turn not only tires them out easily but also takes essential electrolytes like sodium and potassium from their body more than usual.

A lack of certain electrolytes results in poorer increased soreness, poorer muscle functions, and a higher likelihood for cramping. This makes electrolytes a must take for athletes. You can find electrolyte-rich supplements, but you may also acquire them in foods such as sea salt, coconut water, leafy greens, sweet potato, lemon avocado, certain nuts, and seeds, as well as pickled food and cheese. Search for products that have bigger higher potassium and sodium content. Power or energy drinks are also good sources for electrolytes; however, they are also rich in sugar, so only drink them from time to time.

What are some good amino acid supplements to try: now you know better.

Choosing Good Amino Acid Supplements

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