Can L-Cysteine Reverse Hair Loss?

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A few hair loss and hair fall is just a normal occurrence in our everyday lives. Either it is from simply combing your hair or while using your shampoo and conditioner while taking a bath, it happens to all of us and it happens all the time – it is inevitable. However, it is not the same case for everyone. What if you finished showering one time and notice that the hair you lose is starting to increase? Or maybe there will be a day when suddenly you look at the mirror and see a small patch on your scalp that seems to have lost a few more hair than expected? This may already be a case of serious hair loss that cannot heal on its own most of the time. So, is there any way for us to resolve this uncommon problem?

So far, we have been blessed by an array of hair products that are known to be effective when it comes to hair loss. Some are made of different safe chemicals that are used as shampoo, conditioner, or both for them to take effect; while there are others that are made from completely natural ingredients that can be used as treatments for hair loss by applying them directly to the scalp. Yes, there are now a lot of ways to resolve hair loss, but we should be aware of what causes it too. Maybe there is something wrong with the individual’s diet or they lack a certain amino acid that is said to be directly related to hair growth and all other things related to hair. Did you know that it is actually an amino acid called the L-cysteine that has something to do with hair loss?

The Things You Need To Know About Hair Loss

If you think that hair loss only occurs to people of old age, you are probably wrong. Although age may be a factor to consider since it is one of the causes that makes a huge impact on the possibility of hair loss, there are actually more to it than what we thought we know of. Also, hair loss is not only applicable to the hair we have on our scalp; there are also cases when other body hair gets affected by hair loss. It is also possible to be encountered by any one of us, especially the male population which is considered to be the most common target of this condition.

How To Say If The Person Is Experiencing Hair Loss

There are different ways one can identify hair loss, it varies from person to person and it also depends on which caused it. What commonly happens during hair loss is that it often occurs little by little as the hair strands slowly begin to fall off, however, there may be chances when the individual will experience a sudden loss of great amounts of hair.

Signs and Symptoms

1. The hair on the scalp slowly gets thinner when monitored regularly.

You wake up one day and your hair looks fine, but as the days go by you notice that the volume of your hair starts to get thinner. This is most probably one of the very common symptoms one will see when they are affected by hair loss. Also, this sign is most noticeable in men because it starts on their hairline near the forehead; the women, however, are able to handle the forehead issue since it is not where the thinning occurs.

2. The appearance of hairless and bald patches on the scalp.

Bald patches and spots often appear in circular shapes and they are seen on the scalp most of the time. There are also possibilities wherein the baldness will occur on other parts like the eyebrows or the beard. It is also natural for some people to experience an itchy sensation or a minor pain on the bald spot.

3. Hair loss occurs at a faster rate than normal.

As previously mentioned, it is not always the same for everyone. Although it is common to experience a gradual loss of hair at times, there are still some people who tend to lose their hair in an instant and it may be caused by an emotional or physical shock. This may also be noticed when the person combs their hair and a handful of strands goes with the comb. Instances like this do not lead to bald spots and patches, but instead, it can affect the hair by making it a lot thinner than before.

How Is L-Cysteine Related To Hair Loss?

Most parts of the body are made up of proteins, and that includes our hair. To be exact, the human hair is comprised of a protein which is called keratin; and proteins like this are produced by the body thanks to compounds such as amino acids which are the main contributor to the protein synthesis that happens within our bodies.

Also, there are a lot of amino acids that we can find in the body; all of them categorized into either essential or non-essential. Fortunately, the amino acid that handles the production and health of human hair is non-essential and is therefore easily produced by the body without asking for other sources like food to supply the amino acid; but it is also beneficial if one gets additional amino acids from food sources. When asked about the relevance of L-cysteine – the said amino acid – when it comes to hair loss, there are actually a lot of studies that support the claim of the amino acid being one of the main contributors for healthy hair and it is also said that it has the ability to reverse cases of hair loss.

According to the latest study regarding hair loss, people who have diets that lack cysteine content and those that have health conditions that affect the body’s absorption of cysteine are part of the group that is highly at risk in encountering hair loss. In fact, the findings have stated that those issues are the main causes of hair loss. They also discovered how an individual’s cysteine level, which can be derived from the hair strands, is a clear indication of how healthy their hair is. Their conclusion is that a cysteine-rich diet may definitely help in reversing the effects of hair loss. It is clear then that cysteine for hair loss is a possible solution.

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