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What is L Serine, and what are some health L serine benefits? In this article, learn more about this compound and how it can provide advantages for your body. Serine is an amino acid that works with proteins to achieve biosynthesis, complex molecule production working within cells or living organisms. Nerves and brain proteins contain serine and aids in antibody production.

L Serine is a primary amino acid necessary for making other important amino acids like tryptophan, L Cysteine, and glycine, as well as lipids in the cell membrane like phospholipids and sphingolipids. Moreover, L Serine plays a major function in the synthesis of protein and intracellular metabolism. There are many foods like cheese, poultry, fish, beef, milk, eggs, and spices that contain high amounts of L-serine which the body needs to keep up good health. A serine deficiency is caused by inborn metabolic faultiness that damage amino acid synthesis. L Serine deficiency leads to nervous system damage. L Serine is not incredibly vital for the human diet, but we need it in moderate amounts to aid in protein synthesis, brain functions, and other important uses. Learn more about what L Serine benefits can do for your health.

Health Benefits Of L-serine

ABC’s and Benefits of L Serine

L Serine can be found in food sources such as pork, soybeans, peanuts, walnuts, almonds, lentils, and shellfish. Based on more recent studies, L Serine benefits aid in relieving chronic fatigue, shortness of breath and muscle twitching, however, its effects on excess or minimal doses of it in your body still requires more research. L Serine now comes in dietary supplements (powder or capsule form), so you can acquire stronger doses of this helpful amino acid. They can easily be purchased in the local pharmacy, but best to consult with your physician first before taking it daily. The supplements are compounded and approved by the Food and Drug Administration and labeled as sage. Best to double-check if you’re buying for a reputed source.

1. Improve mental health and cognitive functions

Your bodily nerves are protected by the myelin sheath, and L Serine benefits by forming and managing the health of the myelin sheath. Without moderate amounts of L Serine benefits of it will decrease, and the layer that protects your nerves is more prone to damage, disrupting the signals from the brain to your body’s nerve endings. In turn, this also causes a short circuit, minimizing your cognitive ability to function at peak.

In addition, research has linked L Serine benefits to mental illnesses like Parkinson’s disease, depression, and schizophrenia. They are a primary study in clinical trials, and research is ongoing for dementia, Alzheimer’s disease, and anxiety.

2. Support serotonin production

Serotonin is a happy hormone and neurotransmitter, which encourages the positive mood of the brain. Whether it’s playing a video game, watching a movie or exercising, serotonin levels are at work and at best when performing activities that make you happy. Serotonin is produced from tryptophan, and L Serine is the primary amino acid that helps build tryptophan. Without L Serotonin, tryptophan is also at minimal levels. Lower amounts of serotonin and tryptophan have been found to be a cause for anxiety, depression, confusion, panic attacks, and insomnia.

3. Fibromyalgia

Fibromyalgia is a disorder that causes musculoskeletal pain, and symptoms include memory and mood problems, sleep issues, and fatigue. The disorder exacerbates pain as it targets your brain and how it processes signals for pain. The root cause is not identified. However, it was discovered that more people suffering from fibromyalgia have lower L Serine levels in their body.

4. Chronic fatigue

A nervous system disease, chronic fatigue syndrome causes inflammation and muscle pain in the brain and spinal cord, inducing one to experience blood pressure spikes, nausea, weight problems, insomnia, and other cognitive issues. The exact cause is also unknown; however, L Serine low levels in patients are recorded to be higher.

5. Muscle growth

L Serine aids your body in creatine absorption, a compound that is metabolism produced, which is excreted while urinating. Creatine is a popular compound for athletes and bodybuilders because it grows muscle mass and supports the healthy functioning of muscles, as well as the muscles of the cardiovascular system. The more L Serine in your system, the more the creatine, and the stronger your muscles.

6. Digestive health

Like cysteine, a non-essential amino acid, L Serine aids the enzyme to assemble the reaction appearing in trypsin (pancreas produced) and chymotrypsin (a digestive enzyme and part of pancreatic juice).

7. Boost immunity

L Serine assists in antibodies and immunoglobulins production for a healthier immune system while absorbing absorb creatine.

L Serine In Food Sources


Grams Of Serine

Serving Size(g)

Adzuki beans 0.8 230
Whelk 0.9 85
Tempeh 1 165
Natto 1 174
Pistachio 1 122
Butternuts 1 119
Black walnuts 1 124
Fontina cheese 1 131
Feta cheese 1 149
Provolone cheese 1 131
Swiss cheese 2 131
Hyacinth beans 2 209
Mung beans 2 207 2.7 207
Navy beans 2.7 207
Kidney beans 2 183
Amaranth grain 2 192
Lupins 3 179
Spirulina 3 111
Soybeans 4 185
Turkey 10 862

Serine Deficiency Symptoms

Deficiency symptoms caused by a lack of L Serine in the system include seizures, decreased/delayed both cognitive and physical abilities, and congenital microcephaly. The deficiencies are rooted in neurometabolic illnesses and amino acid biosynthesis defects. These problems usually reveal themselves in early formative years or at birth.

Most of us usually have a good amount of L serine in the body, producing at sufficient levels. However, levels of production are affected when one has a disease or going through mental or physical stress. For this reason, L Serine dietary supplements are necessary. Currently, no guidelines for RDI in L Serine because it is not an essential amino acid.

Your body needs enough folic acid and vitamins B6 and B3 to be able to produce serine in good amounts. Specific foods are especially essential as part of your eating management plan for increased absorption of this amino acid, acquiring best L Serine benefits. L Serine is also found in other dietary supplement mixtures and sports drinks. Now you know L Serine benefits.

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