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If you are into athletic sports, you know how important it is to build your muscles. That’s why you do a lot of workouts right? But have you thought about how crucial muscle recovery is after those workouts? After your workout, your body needs amino acids to repair and replenish your muscles. You also need to stretch and get good hydration. But do you ever do these things? All these must be done within the first 30 minutes after your workout. We know that protein-rich foods are good sources of essential amino acids. But do you even have the time and strength to eat immediately after your workouts? Can you eat enough to get all the amino acids you need within that short period? That’s why you should stay on essential amino supplements that aid muscle recovery.

To be honest, your workouts will not yield optimum results if your recovery is not optimal. The main reason why you do workouts is to recover. It is during the recovery time that the real job is done. Your body adapts to the ‘good’ stress of the exercise during recovery. In doing this, your body makes metabolic changes. You need essential amino supplements to enhance these metabolic changes. This is how your lean muscle mass increases. This is how your sports performance improves. How then can you be unconcerned about your muscle recovery? Why should you finish your workout and think the job is done?

A Study on Essential Amino For Muscle Recovery

There are two kinds of results that people get from supplements. The first is called objective results. This is the kind of result that experts have agreed on. It is usually a product of years of thorough research.

The second kind of result is subjective results. This comes from the personal experiences of people.

Some supplements boast of valid claims that experts agree on. Their claims are based on objective results. However, some other supplements can only boast of subjective results. Such results are not conclusive until they are confirmed by thorough research.

Anyways, it is not bad to try out such supplements. At the end of the day, we are all different from one another. And what works for one person may not work for another. In the world of supplements, self-experimentation is not bad.

You should pay close attention to objective results. But when objective results are not available, feel free to check supplements out subjectively.

Some essential amino is backed up by objective results for muscle repair. However, some others only boast of subjective results.

Branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) refer to a group of 3 essential amino that is backed up by objective results. They have been proven to help in muscle repair. They are as follows:

  1. Leucine
  2. Isoleucine
  3. Valine

Experts agree that protein is a requirement for muscle repair and rebuilding. But when you consume protein, your body breaks them down into amino acids. It is these amino acids that aid muscle repair.

Your body transports amino acids to all the parts of your body. These different parts now reassemble them into the proteins that are needed at the time.

Protein synthesis is a requirement for muscle repair. As soon as your finish workout, your muscle begins the work of repair. So you need to supply it with the amino acids that it needs for that repair. These amino acids are mainly BCAAs.

Benefits of BCAAs for Your Muscles

BCAAs are like the building blocks for the maintenance of muscle mass. They are nutrition essential amino acids. This means that your body cannot produce them. You must get them either from your diet or through supplementation.

Experts have validated that BCAAs enhance the recovery of muscle proteins after a workout. Its use is backed up by objective results.

The following are ways that BCAAs can boost post-workout muscle recovery:

1. They increase the growth of muscles

BCAAs are very well-known for this. They help to increase the growth of muscles. You surely love to hear this if you are a bodybuilder. Your workouts will yield better results when you use BCAAs.

BCAA leucine helps to activate a particular pathway in your body. This pathway, in turn, stimulates the production of muscle protein. Your muscle needs these proteins to grow. The time it needs them most is immediately after your workout.

Experts have discovered that only about 6g of BCAAs immediately after your resistance workout greatly increases your results. Your muscles would experience a 22 percent more increase.

2. The decrease soreness after a workout

You should expect to feel sore after your workout, especially if you are trying out a new routine. Research results, however, show that BCAAs help to decrease muscle soreness.

Muscle soreness doesn’t start during your workout. It doesn’t even start immediately after your workout. It usually takes about 12 hours to a day before the soreness starts. The soreness can then last for up to three days.

Do you know why this happens? It is probably due to tiny tears in your muscles that are trying to heal up. BCAAs can both reduce muscle damage and speed up repair. This would, in turn, decrease the severity and duration of your soreness after workouts.

3. They prevent degeneration of muscle tissues

BCAAs help to prevent muscle breakdown or wasting. During exercise, muscle proteins are rapidly broken down. Your body can rebuild these proteins naturally. But BCAAs speeds up the process.

When protein breakdown occurs faster than protein rebuild, wasting, or degeneration occurs. Taking BCAA supplements after a workout helps your rate of protein rebuild to match up with the rapid breakdown that occurred during the workout.

Final Thoughts on BCAAs

BCAAs may be the optimal essential amino for muscle recovery. But remember that they are not the only essential amino. There are 9 essential amino in total.

This is why whey protein supplements give two times more results than BCAA supplements. Whey protein contains BCAAs as well as all the other essential amino that aid muscle recovery.

BCAAs can surely aid and boost muscle recovery. However, they can’t do so optimally in the absence of other nutritionally essential amino.

The study on essential amino for muscle recovery shows that BCAAs are the optimal choice. Of all the 9 essential amino, BCAAs make up 3. These 3 alone do about 50 percent of the work in muscle recovery, and leucine is the most effective.

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