Are Premier Protein Shakes Keto-Friendly?

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People on keto diet are always on the lookout for nutritional supplements that can fit their lifestyle. Many keto dieters always opt for protein drinks to supplement their diet. In this article, we will take a look at one specific brand called Premier Protein Shakes. But is Premier Protein Shakes keto-friendly?  The answer is it depends on how it is used. Premier Protein Shakes (Chocolate Flavored) acquires their protein from milk or whey and is sucralose-sweetened (such as Splenda). This product also contains just two net carbs, which means that they can easily fit in the macros targets of individuals without any problems.

On the ketogenic diet, however, the goal is to take in levels of a protein that are moderate, so it is important to remember that the shake can provide protein in the amount of thirty grams to an individual’s total macros intake. It is also important to remember that for some individuals, sucralose can lead to blood sugar spikes, while those that use Stevia as a sweetener do not cause any such blood sugar spikes for some individuals.

Flavor and Taste: Premier Protein Shake Chocolate Flavor

Flavor preferences, especially when it comes to protein shakes, can be quite personal, subjective, and unique for each person. The chocolate variant of Premier Protein Chocolate Shake has been rated as one of those protein supplements that taste okay. One of its more popular flavors is its Chocolate shake flavor and while some individuals do not like its heavy chocolate taste, some individuals simply love the flavor of this protein supplement.

Who Should be Taking Premier Protein Chocolate Shakes?

These kinds of supplements (protein supplements) are meant to aid weight lifters and bodybuilders and help them in muscle rebuilding. Several recipients of surgery for weight loss such as gastric bypass, VSG, etc. also need such supplements to make sure that they can take in enough protein in their diets daily.

If this is not the case, then most individuals are advised to look elsewhere in terms of their preferred health beverage such as MCT oil-infused coffee or drinks with electrolytes. Some individuals can also up the fat content of Premier Protein Shakes by adding in some heavy creams.

How to Best Use Premier Protein Shakes

This shake can be taken straight from its packaging chilled or it can be combined with some iced coffee (preferably black) to come up with some iced chocolate mocha. For those who want their drink sweeter, then they can add other sweeteners such as Stevia. However, as mentioned earlier, this drink is already sweet on its own.

It must also be noted that individuals do not necessarily have to down the entire contents of the package in one go. It can be combined with a cup of coffee before having the remaining portions refrigerated. This can ensure that individuals are only consuming just fifteen grams of protein and a gram of carbs (or half of the packages total content).

If coffee is not a preferred beverage, some mix in some chia seeds along with some heavy cream resulting in a chocolate pudding that is rich in protein and boosting its fiber and fat content.

Some Important Details about Premier Protein Shakes

Premier Protein Shakes (Chocolate Flavor) can provide individuals with that much-needed protein with minimal sugar content and fat compared to other protein sources. These shakes are developed to help in curbing one’s hunger or cravings and can provide energy and healthy fuel to help individuals accomplish what they need to do such as daily routines and other work out regimens.

These shakes from Premier also come in a packaging that is shelf-stable through cartons classified as Tetra Pak with lids that are resealable and are convenient to use. These shakes also come in different flavors such as caramel, cream, bananas, strawberries and cream, vanilla, and chocolate.

Some of the major nutritional benefits of these protein shakes include the following:

  • They are a superb calcium source
  • Twenty Four different minerals and vitamins
  • 5 grams of carbs and 160 calories
  • One gram of sugar and is low in fat
  • It contains healthy protein in the amount of thirty (30) grams and it also contains all the essential amino acids.

The Importance of Protein Found in Premier Protein Shakes

Throughout the article, the protein content of these shakes was repeatedly emphasized and for good reason. This is because they have some key health benefits which include the following:

  1. Maintainers and movers of muscles- In terms of heavy lifting and to get the most out of muscle fibers, protein is essential. Protein is crucial when accomplishing routine tasks such as carrying groceries and chasing after children as all of these physical activities will require muscle use and exertion. To be able to perform at an optimal level to successfully repair themselves, these muscles need protein. Aside from helping people move, protein can also help people look good.
  2. Busts hunger and cravings- Nothing can help fight off cravings and hunger like protein. This is because protein can take longer to digest which means people can feel satiated for extended periods. This means it is ideal for people who are trying to lose weight or those who want to maintain their ideal weight.
  3. Protein can aid in muscle building People lose strength and muscles as they get older. The good news is that loss of muscle is not something that we cannot do anything about. Consuming adequate amounts of protein with every meal consumed can help in slowing down the loss of muscles. As such, experts are recommending that individuals take in around 25 to thirty grams of protein during each email. Once this is coupled with resistance workout, then individuals can experience a vital and strong body for many years to come and even as the aging process starts.

Protein shakes can provide several health benefits for individuals. However, it is still best to seek medical advice from a doctor before starting with a protein shake routine.

Premier Protein Shakes

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