What To Expect When Supplementing With Amino Acids

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Those who wish to achieve improved health and wellness are usually advised to observe a healthy diet and conduct regular exercise or physical activities. However, with the ever-growing challenges of modern society, sticking to a healthy diet and religiously sticking to an exercise routine can be downright difficult if not next to impossible. Due to the said challenges, some people may add a third variable to their overall health regimen and that is supplementing their diet and exercise with amino acids supplements. These supplements are reportedly effective in addressing several health concerns and can provide a number of benefits for individuals. But what exactly should we expect when we take amino acid supplements? In this article, let us look at what amino acids are and the health benefits of amino acids.

Amino Acid Supplements: A Brief Backgrounder

Supplements with Amino Acids are common and they purportedly address a number of health issues and concerns. These amino acids are proteins’ building blocks. This means that individuals require the intake of amino acids on a daily basis. This is because the human body does not consume any of the excess amino acids taken in.

Amino acids are classified into 2 types:

  1. Non-essential amino acids: This type of amino acid can be naturally created by the human body through the liver. These non-essential amino acids though can also be found in other food items.
  2. Essential amino acids: These are organic compounds that cannot be produced naturally by the body. These essential amino acids need to obtained from food items consumed or amino acid supplements. are classified as non-essential are those that

Those who are missing some of the essential amino acids may find it difficult to synthesize the protein in their bodies which can also lead to a number of negative or adverse health effects. There is evidence to suggest that people who take the appropriate amino acid supplements can gain a variety of health benefits from the aforementioned supplementation.

Health Benefits of Supplementing with Amino Acids

Some of the most important benefits of amino acid supplements include aiding in body repair, endurance extension or improvement, enhancement of muscle development or growth, reduction of inflammation, improved mental and cognitive functions, improved loss of fat, and the elimination of fatigue.

Amino Acid Supplements can help reduce inflammation

The anti-inflammatory capabilities of Amino acid supplements mostly come from BCAAs or Branched- Chain Amino Acids which include valine, isoleucine, and leucine. These BCAAs can help people in the reduction of inflammation in the joints and muscles. With lower or reduced inflammation, people can work out and exercise longer and with more intensity resulting in a more effective routine. This can obviously be a benefit not just for athletes but for other individuals as well. Those who have enough or adequate BCAAs can reduce the risk of inflammation brought about by different health conditions such as liver issues, type 2 diabetes, and arthritis.

Amino Acid Supplements can help people manage their weight and experience better fat loss

There is evidence to suggest that amino acids can be closely associated with the loss of unwanted fat and in the reduced storage and deposit of fat in the abdomen. The fat that is formed around the abdominal area and covers the organs around the said portion of the body can lead to increased inflammation and reduced body functions. As such, the benefit of amino acid supplements in terms of lowering this particular kind of body fat is critical if the individual is serious in his or her fight against chronic illnesses.

Amino Acid Supplements can aid in the prevention of Muscle Damage

People who do work out can experience some form of muscle damage. These damaged muscles, though, are usually repaired during the body’s period of recovery and rest which in turn, leads to the growth and development of muscles. However, for activities or exercises that are considered high intensity, the fibers of your muscle can break down and be utilized as a source of fuel or energy which is technically not an ideal condition for the body. Supplements with amino acids, particularly those that have BCAAs, can aid in the prevention of muscle damage by giving the body the necessary resources to properly synthesize proteins.

Amino Acid supplements can help individuals enhance their mental and cognitive functions

Tryptophan, while an extremely important organic compound, is serotonin, a byproduct of tryptophan that is responsible for the neurotransmitter that can result in feel-good sensations which at the same time, can result in lower mental function. Through the use of amino acid supplements, the individual can be certain that their system has enough BCAAs and prevent the body from developing excess tryptophan. If afternoons result in fogginess or haziness of your mental and cognitive functions, then the individual may be experiencing elevated tryptophan levels and the consequent relaxation of his or her mental faculties.

Amino Acid supplements can aid in the reduction of fatigue

The human body will need to replenish the energy it uses to perform various daily activities and for working out or exercising. Once the glycogen stored in the body gets depleted, the individual will feel exhausted which can lead to afternoon nap cravings. There is some research, though, that elevated BCAAs and other supplements with amino acids can aid in the better storage of glycogen in the body and utilize the same at a much controlled and manageable rate, translating to better physical endurance throughout the day regardless of the exercise routine of the individual or the lack thereof.

Amino acid supplements can aid in the development of muscles

One of the most important benefits of amino acid supplements known to people is their benefit in terms of muscle development. BCAAs, just like leucine, are shown to be closely associated with protein synthesis after working out.  It gives the muscles enough levels of resources to encourage growth of muscles.

Amino Acid Supplements

Amino Acid Supplements

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