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Are you on the Paleo diet? If so then you’ll want to find Paleo-friendly items that feature pre-agriculture whole foods. If you’re new to the program it can be tough to figure out which foods you can eat and which ones you should avoid. For example, you’re not allowed to eat grains, beans, and most dairy. Paleo does allow minimally processed foods so it’s critical to determine how much processing has been done. You might wonder where can buy coconut aminos near me. This Paleo food is extracted from flower sap collected from the coconut tree and usually doesn’t involve much processing.
There are various liquid aminos on the market like Bragg’s aminos. These foods are an excellent option for getting your amino acids. The human body requires 9 essential amino acids (EAAs) that are found in different foods, beverages, and supplements. Coconuts are a superfood because they’re high in many nutrients and are very high in a healthy fatty acid known as MCTs. Fun Fact: Coconuts can be defined as fruits, nuts, and seeds if broad definitions are used. This liquid amino from coconuts is one of the healthy choices you have when picking coconut and amino acid products.


What in the World Are Coconut Aminos?


You’ve probably heard of coconut water, meat, milk, and flakes. There’s also something called coconut aminos. What are they all about? This is a liquid amino that’s made from sap found in coconut blossoms. There are many features of this product worth considering:

  • Gluten-free
  • Low-glycemic index (GI)
  • Soy sauce substitute


Why should you consider this product over soy sauce? There are several benefits. It has about two-thirds less sodium than standard soy sauce. These aminos also have 17 amino acids. This is quite high considering the human body has 20 amino acids.

The big issue when considering substitutes for any food is how the substitutes stack up in terms of issues like taste and texture. So, you might wonder about the taste of coconut amino acids. There’s an excellent balance of savory and sweet.

If you’re not a fan of the saltiness of soy sauce then you’ll likely be pleased with these aminos. That’s because they have a deep flavor. This is a good option for different foods like dips, salads, and sushi.

People on special diets will also enjoy this product. For example, those with diseases like celiac disease won’t have any problems with the aminos since it doesn’t have any of the gluten proteins. It’s also a good option for those who have soybean allergies.

Many people are also on a low-salt diet due to factors like high blood pressure. This is another key reason why you should consider coconut aminos vs. soy sauce. You can use this food for a wide range of different recipes including fried rice and short ribs.

You also get other nutritional benefits from this food. They include just 5 calories per serving, which is quite low. The liquid aminos are also high in different minerals, which boosts the nutrients you get from the product.


Where To Buy Coconut Aminos?

This is a big question if you want to use this product as a substitute for soy-based sauce, for example. You can usually find this product at high-end supermarkets like Whole Foods. It will be tougher to find at local grocery stores.

You’ll also be likely to find this food at health food stores. That’s because it’s a healthy food that includes few additives. That’s one of the main issues with many sauce products since they tend to be high-sodium. You can avoid that problem with these aminos.

One of the best sources for these aminos is store sections that feature Paleo-friendly foods. It’s safe for the “Caveman Diet” yet is relatively new. For example, Braggs aminos have been around for decades. Coconut-based products have been trending in recent years and are generally newer than soy-based ones.

You can use this sauce for a wide range of dishes. They include chicken wings, poached salmon, and white fish/noodle soup. You could use this product in just about any recipe that requires soy sauce. The main benefit is you’ll be getting a similar-tasting product even though it’s somewhat less savory.

Many people who have tried dishes with coconut aminos have said they can’t taste the difference between the coconut and soy-based sauces.

As always, it’s important to check the sodium content of the sauce. This is critical to make sure it won’t trigger symptoms if you have conditions that are worsened by consuming high amounts of salt.

You should also watch out for other additives that could make the aminos less healthy. While the food is generally healthy the situation could change if there are artificial colors, flavors, and preservatives.

Picking an organic brand will certainly help to make the food healthier. That’s because no synthetic chemicals were added to the coconut tree that was used for the product.

Coconut aminos

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